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cutting sod


LawnSite Senior Member
Why and how much sod are you cutting. Sod cutters come in sizes from 48 inch wide units mounted on tractors to 12 inch cutters you can put in the back of an SUV.

General landscaping for beds, sidewalks, tree rings, repairs and etc are best done with a 12 inch cutter. Why? Ever pick up a big roll of wet sod..Go see your back doc after you are done. The smart guy who likes his back will take a 12 inch cutter cut twice at 90 degree angles cutting the sod into little one foot squares. then pick them up with a shovel. Never heavy and you do not have to dead lift a roll off the ground. Also much faster than rolling sod.

If you just need them occasionally you can rent them. But you may have trouble renting a 12 inch unless you ask for a 12 inch unit. 18 inch wide sod is hard to pick up with a shovel.

You can see one of these machines at Turfco.com


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Central Cal
Just removed two fescue front lawns with 12" sod cutter.
Both had fungus problems during the summer due to heat factors and improper watering schedule.
Relayed new sod on Monday.
Since our sod farms use a netting in the growing process, and I was discarding the load in my property for low areas in the pastures, I adjusted the sod cutter for a thin cut to leave the netting in customers yard.
This makes the removal much easier due to thinner pieces and the load in my trailer much lighter also.
Easier on my back and employees.
Also - flag sprinkler heads prior to using sod cutter
It will cut off the heads. Use shovel to remove sod at heads