Cutting the neighbors lawn


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Two years ago I started cutting neighbor #1's lawn. We didn't have a set fee, he would just give me a wad of money every 4 or 5 weeks. It was good. Last year I took on neighbors #2 and #3. #1 only paid me 2 times last year for a total of $15.50 per cut( his lawn is easily a $30 job). #2 didn't pay me until October,for the entire season. #3 payed every week. This year I said no more neighbors! I guess they think you like cutting grass so much that you'll do it for next to free.

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It can cause problems doing business with a neighbor, like you found out. Now you probably think they are cheap and they probably think you don't like them enough to mow for free. :)


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We have a customer who we charge $35 per cut and she pays, she says never to ask her husband for the money. Last week I found out why, she told her husband we charged $24 per month cash to cut the lawn. She had been paying the extra out of her grocery money. As soon as we found out we had a long discussion with her and told her we wouldn't be cutting the lawn again until she tells her husband the truth. Wouldn't it be neat if he got a couple neighbours together and tried to get us to cut each lawn for a package deal $5 per cut... NOT


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bob--I have great neighbors. I'd do anything for them and as far as I know they'd do anything for me. I suppose.

we do things for each other all the time and money does not change hands. UNLESS, I cut their grass. they know I am in the buisness and I collect weekly. no problem. life is simpler this way.

good luck.



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MY # 1 LAWNBOY RULE: I don't work for friends , neighbors,or relatives. I will do them favors . But not for money . That is asking for trouble.


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Gary, that's right!

Last year I renovated a friends lawn, after about 6 hours of work (don't ask) we started to talk payment. I was trying to be nice and I told him "my expenses were $whatever", just pay me what you wish. He wrote the check for $50.00 over the expenses, after gas I made $30 and lost work because it took all day to drive there, work, and drive back. NEVER AGAIN.


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Best to avoid working for friends or neighbours.You can end
up losing friends and having the neighbours from hell.
Over here we have a saying,"There's no friends in business,
only colleagues and competition."



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I do almost most of my neighborhood lol. And do alot of work for family members a regulars. I Charge them as much as anyone. Never had any problems. I seperate business from friendship and family easily. neighbors are my most profitable. NO drive time!!!. They are my best payers. They know they have to live in the same area and see me alot. And believe me you don't want to see me often if you havent paid me. Nor do you want to set near me during thanksgiving dinner if you havent paid me either. So they all pay


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If I have the time and they are going to help then I will do what ever my friends need, but they must work on my time line not when they want it.
Neighbors dont ask me to mow or what ever, but they do sak to barrow certain tools.
There's nothing wrong doing yards for your neighbor as long as you do this: YOU MAKE IT CLEAR, THIS IS HOW I MAKE A LIVING,NO DISCOUNTS, THIS IS WHAT IT IS GOING TO COST YOU!.

Nothing wrong doing favors for your neighbor. If your neighbor was a heart surgoen and you needed bypass surgery, he would not do this for free and you shouldn't expect him too.

My dad has been doing our neighbors yards for the last,at least 20 years. The prices have gone up, way up from 20 years ago.

Now if a neighbor wants to do a project, they ask me to help them, I always tell them this, you work with me, I won't ask you for money. If I do all the work, I charge so much an hour that's what i'm gonna expect from you.

Good thread bob