Cutting Weekly or Bi-Weekly

Green Finger

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Hey Guys,

I have been in the business or a while. but I was never taught the ins and outs. It wasn't until recently that I found out that other guys cut on a weekly schedule. I like that idea.

More cuts more money. Less wear and tear. Because when I was cutting Bi-weekly the grass would get totally out of control and it would take us longer to wip the yard in shape.

Duh? where have I been Right?

With this site I'm learning a lot.

In this area they charged between 35-40 bucks per cut average house.


IF I'm going to start cutting on a weekly basis, do I charge the same price or what?



Stafford Va.
we are both in the same area of opps so yes i would charge the same. and if they want you to cut later put them on a 10 day mow and charge 2 or 3 bucks more

Eric ELM

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I won't cut a lawn on a bi weekly basis. In the spring some lawns need to be cut twice a week and we do some twice a week at the regular price each cut. When you have bi weekly customers, you need twice as many customers to make the same money you will cutting them once a week. When I first started out, I had some empty lots I mowed every other week, but those got dropped when I found more customers that had nice lawns cut on a weekly basis. When you first start out, I think most will cut anything that grows and is green. :)


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I would not lower my pricing below market value. You are in the business of grounds management and that is what we are paid to do.

If you have basic cable and want to get more channels you pay more ... right?.

If you think that customer's are going to be hesitant, you could try offering them the solice of knowing that you wont raise their prices for a season or two due to the scheduling change.

if you are charging them 40 (high end for your area) then you may want to DISCOUNT (never use drop or lower) their mowing services to 35.00 per cut and ease their minds and pick up an extra 60.00 per month.

If you find yourself in dry or drought stricken summers, you can RESCHEDULE their mowing intervals to 10 days. And this way you still have maintained the look you strive for and yet pick up that extra mowing too.

Good luck!!!