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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by grassyfras, Dec 7, 2018.

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    Hmmm, Grassy.
    Suppose a cubic foot of leaves weigh 10 pounds, and there would be 27 cubic feet in a cubic yard--therefore weighing 270 pounds, And therefore the pile of 100 cubic yards would weigh 27,000 pounds.
    I dunno--if it is mostly carbon, and you want a 40 to one ratio, you need 675 pounds of nitrogen.
    That seems like a lot--maybe someone with more experience or expertise can add more comments. The leaves may have a few percent nitrogen in them to start. There may be some grass clippings in the pile already.
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    Question is do you want stable organic matter? Placing nitrogen on a pile will be very oxidative leading to high levels of CO2 being produced through this induced mineralization.
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    I agree with no haul away for past 14 years. We triple cut with gator blades and chute blocker closed. If we get a thick area then we back pack blow to light areas. But in Buffalo, NY this year its has been to wet for mowers since second week of October. Getting wet leaves in dump trailer was a pita.
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