CV 20 Kohler???

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by bunky, Jul 24, 2004.

  1. bunky

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    I have a CV 20 Kohler on my Gravely I have had a charging problem with it... There's a wire that looks like someone added that grounds the regulator housing (rectifier) is the Regulator supposed to be grounded?????
  2. fixer67

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    YES. There is a plug on it that has 3 wires. The two out side wires are the AC from the alternator under the flywheel. The wire in the middle is the (+) output to the battery. The (-) output to the battery is though the casing of the rectifier/regulator. On older engines the rectifier/regulator was bolted to the metal of the engine fan shroud. Engine fan shrouds are now made of plastic so a wire must be ran to the metal to ground them. You lose your ground you lose your charging system. Also the rectifier/regulator MUST have power of atleast 4 to 6 volts going to it before it will switch ON. If the is no power from the battery on the middle wire when the engine is on it will not put out. This is not much of a problem unless the battery is dead it will not switch on the rectifier/regulator to charge the battery. So if you have a dead battery and "jump" start the engine the rectifier/regulator switches off as so as the good battery is disconnected so the dead battery never get charged. So if you jump start a Kohler you need to leave the "jumper' battery hooked up for a few minutes so the on board battery can charge enough to hold it own when you remove the "jumper" battery. I see this from time to time in the small engine shop I work at.

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