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Cyclon Rakes

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Just got some info. in the mail about a unit called "The Cyclone Rake". Has anyone out there had any experiance with this equipment? It seems like it may be handy for cleanup in some of the more densely landscaped residential areas. The power unloader feature seems like it could be a real problem solver even on trailers. Comments please.
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I have the Sales Viedo of them and they suck everything up it seems! I like the fact they fold up too- I dont have a bunch of rom for all my stuff, and the last thing I need is some big ol box taking up space.
Yes, while they can fold up and reduce storage space and whatnot, I'm not really satisfied with the plastic "Flex" impeler. They say its plastic so it wil flex when a rock hits it, but the housing will still be damaged. I think its a way of making something cheaply and telling the consumer its for the good of things. Not to mention it doesnt have a good reduction ratio.
Originally posted by mike9497
depends on the size of the property and the amount of leaves
10,000 sq. ft. yard w/ very few trees. How much?
Heres the price from the catalog got:

Cyclone Rake PLATINUM: $975
Cyclone Rake Commercial: $1275

Power Vacuum Pickup (w/ suction hose): $179
Power Unloader (w/ discharge hose): $174
Commercial Power Bagger: $159

Theres some other accessories like dual cater wheels etc, but I just listed the stuff you might need.
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