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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by madmax, Sep 23, 2006.

  1. madmax

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    It's getting close to leaf time. Has anyone purchased on of those Cyclone's? Are they any good? I always try and stay away from doing leafs. Maybe this would be worth the money if it works as good as the DVD shows.
  2. grass_cuttin_fool

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    Ive heard good things from them and I have purchased one.Im just waiting for the leaves to start falling here. I have a friend that is in lawn care and he said it works fine.And one of my clients neighbors has one and uses each week on his lawn to bag grass, leaves. Ive watched it work and it impressed me enough to purchase one.

  3. LarryF

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    I had recently posted a Cyclone Rake suggestion in another thread that had been started by an LCO about leaf cleanup and the hours spent doing it. I made the comment that I have one of the small Cyclone Rakes and with it and by myself I seem to be able to do my lot all by myself in about the same time it takes my neighbor's LCO crew of 5 or 6 to do his with blowers and tarps. Both lots are about the same as far as size and density of trees are concerned. And by the way, those LCO guys seem to range in age from their 20s to the 40s, and I'm 74. But I'm just a homeowner and mine doesn't get used very much. I can't testify as to whether one would hold up under commercial usage, but they do have a commercial model. I got the impression from their web page that it was originally designed for homeowners with cheap Home Depot quality lawn tractors, but I pull mine with an Exmark ZTR. The way the Cyclone Rake is designed, it fishtails a lot, but with a little practice that isn't really a problem. The company that makes and sells them seem to stand behind it's products and have replaced the leaf bag when I told them a zipper had broken. Actually, all I had only asked for was a small flap that had the half of the zipper that was broken, but they sent me the entire bag which looks like it has about 20 times as much material as the the flap alone.

    The bottom line though, is that it sure picks up leaves fast and they are even chopped up somewhat in the process. You can get a phone number from their web site (, and if you call they'll send you a video. That was what they did last year. Maybe now they have a video that can be downloaded. Before I bought mine, they also provided a list of customers with similar lawn mowers, and I swapped email and chatted on the phone with a few of them prior to and even after the purchase.

    Good luck.
  4. Matts lawn care

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    i was also thinking about getting one of the 2 upper models it seems 1ce u get every thing u need in it it ends up costing 2000. how does it work if the leaf cover is like 3-4 in high? on the dvd it was only like 1-2 in high. is it worth the money?
  5. Runner

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    Any vacuum setup of this type is going to cost that much. With the Cyclon however, you are getting much more bang for your buck. I am looking at the commercial model for the 1 horse greater hp, and the different impellar setup.
    I have been looking for someone that uses one behind their Lazer. Larry, is this what you use it behind? Also, I just wanted to say...if you are 74, and out here doing this, I think that is awesome! I can only PRAY that I have the capacity and am able to do this like that when I reach the same age. :)
  6. grass_cuttin_fool

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  7. LarryF

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    Well, it wasn't $2,000; more like $1,400 for what, at the time, they called the Platinum model plus the mower deck adapter and the updgraded hoses. That's delivered to my home. I think the commercial model is about $300 more, and you can also spend some extra dollars for better castor wheels, which I would think a pro would want.

    In regard to your question about depth of leaf cover, I would say it does work with 3-to-4 inches of leaf cover, but of course the bag gets filled up a lot quicker. In fact, I have a wooded section of my yard that had never been mowed in the 20 years I've had the house, and I suspect never before that. Big trees too! Some of them look like they are a couple of hundred years old. This summer I cleared out many of the saplings growing in there and picked up the dead wood which has been on the ground there for decades. Then I set the blade of my Exmark as high as it would go and cautiously ran it with the Cyclone Rake hooked up through the leaves. The CR had no problem picking up those leaves, but of course the bag got filled very quickly. I haven't done the entire area yet, but I probably will in time. "is it worth the money?" I think so even for a homeowner with a big lot. I have lots of large trees and get a lot of leaves on the ground in the Fall, and one leaf cleanup won't do it. I have to do it 2 or 3 times in the Fall and once in the Spring. I'm not sure what my neighbor pays for leaf cleanup, but considering the hours spent on it by his LCO's guys, I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't cost him $300 or $400 a cleanup. If that's the case, I may have already amortized my investment.

    It's an Exmark Lazer HP 52 with a 23 Kawasaki. I have to admit that the Mower-Deck adapter that was provided (at an extra cost of $75) gave me a little trouble. It wasn't the adapter itself; rather, it was the steel hardware that accompanied it. As I had mentioned in the earlier post, things seemed to have been designed for Home Depot quality lawn tractors, and the hardware provided didn't accommodate the dimensions of the grass discharge section of the deck on the Exmark. But when I contacted their engineering department and sent a sketch of what I thought the hardware should look like, they manufactured it and sent it free of charge.
  8. jcb287

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    I just picked up a CR classic here from a local owner.I will be using it behind my 60'' Lazer and will have it hooked up tomorrow.Something of interest I found out while talking to the people at Woodland Products is that for $115.00 I can convert the Classic to the next larger version,The Commander Pro.I would bet that you could change to the larger impeller also.Just something to think about if you find the small unit for sale.....:usflag:
  9. LarryF

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    I wouldn't bet on being able to change the impeller on an already in-use Classic machine. Not unless you want to buy a new engine. The Classic and the Commander both have 6 HP engines with the smaller, 4-blade impeller as an integral part of the engine assembly, and the Commercial with the larger, 5-blade impeller has a 7 HP engine. Another difference between each is the size of the bag that collects the leaves. The Classic holds 200 gallons of leaves, the Commander holds 285, and the Commercial holds 415 gallons. I usually think of gallons as a measure of liquid, but I guess you could convert those numbers to cubic feet. My main concern with getting the Commercial unit wasn't so much the extra 300 bucks it would have cost; it was the fact that the load would be bit more than twice as heavy as the Classic's and I only weigh 143 pounds. Leaves normally aren't thought of as being heavy, but remember these will be somewhat ground up and they could be wet. And if you use a mulching blade, they will be even more ground up and therefore the bag will be even heavier. Believe me however, the Classic picks up a lot of leaves and it takes me only about 5-to-10 minutes to dump them. For my lot, (acre of lawn with lots of trees) I usually have to do the dumps 3 or 4 times per clean up, so if I had gotten the Commercial I would be dumping half as frequently. So I personally didn't seem much advantage to getting the Commercial one even though I'm a homeowner who likes to buy very good equipment.

    By the way, to me the heavy-duty hose seemed like it was worthwhile, but most of the other extras Woodland offered, such as the power-vacuum pickup, the power bagger, the jack stand, and the roof-rack carrier didn't. But that's just one man's opinion.

    Good luck with it.
  10. jcb287

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    The frame that the bag and engine set on are the same size.The only thing that they add to fit the larger bag of the Commander on it are the "Wings" or the extensions on the back of it.I"m sure that the Commercial Pro would have to use a bigger frame.But for $115.00 for the Commander bag and the frame extensions, to me thats a pretty good deal.I picked mine up from a local owner that only used it 4 times last season.It looks brand new and its less then a year old.He moved from the country to the city this year and has no leaves to deal with anymore.I purchased it from him for $500.Looking forward to using it behind the Lazer this fall.:waving:

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