Cyclone Rake any good or junk??

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by SchaffLandscaping, Oct 8, 2009.

  1. SchaffLandscaping

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    Hi....New to the site, just curious if anyone out there has commercial experience with the Cyclone Rake? I have about 50 customers I cut lawns for and many of them I do cleanups for. I do it all by myself which gets really time consuming. I was looking at that Cyclone Rake and it looks like it would speed up the process nicely, but I am wondering #1 does it work as good as they claim and #2 is it durable for commercial use? The hose attachment looks like a nice feature that would save time in bushes etc rather than blowing them out. Any opinions would be appreciated. Thanks!!
  2. Jay Ray

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    I like mine where I can dump leaves in the woods, and it's great for hurricane cleanups after you get the bigger stuff out of the lawn. Saves grunt labor in those situations.

    If you have to haul leaves off, I don't see any advantage so far, but I'm going to tinker with the optional hoses for loading/unloading this year.
  3. QualityLawnCare4u

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    I am one of the few here that hated that thing! I sent mine back. It would be ok if you are doing large/wide open areas with little or no obstacles or flower beds. In the first few minutes I used mine tore the hose off twice on low hanging limbs, stopped it up on some damp but not thick leaves, knocked an AC unit off it foundation and had a h*ll of a time trying to do the yard pulling that beast around. This thing hooked to your mower is a long as a 15 passenger van.
  4. Jay Ray

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    I agree it is tough to drive and they should require a commercial license:)

    If it didn't raise so much dust on dry days, towing mirrors would be in order.
  5. QualityLawnCare4u

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    I measured mine from the front of mower to back of the cyclone rake and it was around 14" long. I thought if I used it for awhile I would get used to it. However, the more I used it the more I hated it. I was happy to send that thing back.
  6. mallio

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    Used them for 5 years. Tried them on small tractors JD345 thing wouild pop wheelies going up hill. When the bag is full your dealing with 500+ lbs. Switched to JD 485AWS to handle the thing on soft or wet lawns. Have some customers we bag all season. Mostly use in the fall for clean up. They are definatly a long package. I think it reduces leaves by about 1/3.Only our best operators are turned loose with this unit. Thinking of adding a power lift for this fall. Tried other baggers and never found anything i really liked.

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