Cyclone Rake customer support comes thru for me.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by QualityLawnCare4u, Sep 29, 2004.

  1. QualityLawnCare4u

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    This past Feb. I purchesed a cyclone rake that I used one time and was unhappy with it. The rake came with a 30 day return policy that I missed because of medical reasons. Every day when I looked at this thing I said to myself "what a waste of $" finally I decided to take a shot and ask them to help me with some type of partial refund being I would never use this thing again. They allowed me to return it (at their cost) and today I received a full refund (credited to my CC) Now they did not have to do this being it has been 7 months since I purchased it, well past the return policy. Just thought I would give a compliment where it is deserved.

    Quality Lawn Care
  2. HighGrass

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    Whay didn't you like about it? Have you looked at the DR counter unit?
  3. Runner

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    I am STILL looking at these for fall. The commercial one looks like it wopuld be a good package for me. Someone said the vacuum hose doesn't work very well, though. I'm trying to find where I can get heavy duty hoses myself. If I can do that, I would just order the regular hoses for it. rather than pay that much extra money for theirs. I just really like the capacity and the ability to fold it and store it. I may end up with the Ultra-Vac, though. I don't know.........
  4. proenterprises

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    i have also been looking at these fro quite some time as well. i really like them, the company looks like it is truly top notch and they have customer service as their first priority. looks nice, i like it because of the vacuum feature, which is probably what i woul be using most.

    Danny-I am very interested as to why you were not happy with this unit.

    GET-IT-DONE LawnSite Member
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    Danny, I Am Interested In This Unit. Can You Tell Me Why You Where Un Happy With This Unit??? Thanks Tim
  6. chevyman1

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    I ordered the Cyclone Rake last week and will get it Friday I'm being told. You can't buy the DR unit if you plan to use a zero-turn on it, only tractors because it will jacknife. Not the smartest move making a commericial version that doesn't work with commercial mowers. Cyclone rake upgraded all my hoses and gave me a 10ft hose instead of the 5 in case I needed more for free
  7. The Captain

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    I bought one last year (October) and am very happy with it. I run it behind my old Craftsman lawn tractor w/42" deck and it works great. No problem with the hoses either cracking or clogging. The handles on the 'wand' for vacuuming are awkwardly positioned ,for me, but the unit works good. The hopper capacity is more than adequate (any more and you coudn't lift it to dump the clippings/leaves). The shipping time was as I was told when I placed my order. Be prepared for a lot of boxes, some of which are large and some (the engine) are heavy.

    Though I haven't had to use customer service, I'm glad to know they are responsive. I wish they had been at Expo so you could have seen the actual units.

  8. orangejbird

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    I was wondering how you went about aquiring the FREE hose upgrade. Did they offer? What items did you get and what was the shipping? I'd really like to get one of the commercial units, but am balking at the price of the upgrades.
  9. chevyman1

    chevyman1 LawnSite Senior Member
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    I told them I'd upgrade to everything if they threw in the urathane hoses upgrades for free...I got the double-caster wheels, hoses, everything....with shipping and tax everything came to $2400...that's 8-12 cleanup jobs and it's paid for
  10. Four Season's

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    I bought a cyclone rake a couple of years ago and I have been real happy with it. Its a good investment for fall clean-up. I know it cut my time down a lot on fall clean-ups. It does a good job grinding the leaves up, so they take up less space in the truck if you haul them away. Its perfect for clean-ups where you can dump on site. Plus, it comes with a one year guarantee. If anything breaks, they'll send the parts to you right away. I also like it because it folds down small for storage during the off-season.

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