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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by onemoretry, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. onemoretry

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    First Post, so please forgive any issues...
    I have a 60" Jazee pro ztr mower and wanted to purchase a cyclone rake for fall clean up (home user, not commercial). I have contacted the cyclone people who have said that there would need to be a bracket made so that I can connect to the trailer. I am familiar with how their 2 point system works generally, but obviously don't have the kit here for details on what I would need to do. Their concern is the strength of the part on the mower that it connects to and the relative position of the hitch to the engine (the hitch is under the motor).
    I would greatly appreciate any feedback from anyone, anyone that has done this same setup, or any feedback on jazee or cyclone rake.
    Best and thanks.
  2. LarryF

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    I don't understand your questions. I'm a homeowner with both a ZTR and a cyclone rake. When you buy a cyclone rake, the hitch comes with it, and you simply bolt it on to the back of the mower. In my case, I already had a hitch on my ZTR, so I had to remove it to install the new one that was provided. That turned out to not be a problem for my other uses for a ball hitch, because there was room on the cyclone-rake one for me to install a ball which in no way interferes with the 2-point connection for the cyclone rake.

    Although I've never seen a ZTR like yours (I presume it's a Country Clipper), it's hard for me to believe the folks at Woodland haven't a hitch for it. Maybe they just didn't recognize the name "Jazee" and if you told them the real name it might help.
  3. onemoretry

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    I appreciate the reply, but they are aware exactly of what it is. They have the residential version at 48" (I think) that appearantly has a different hitching point. I sent ten pictures to them of the hitch as it is and they said that it is too far back under the engine and and not strong enough for them to attach too. The picture might clarify. I think I will need to build a piece that bolts onto where the engine heat shield is and bends down to the 12 inch height required and then reinforce it.
    thanks, and hope this is clearer.

  4. LarryF

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    Yes, the picture helps to define your problem, but I'm afraid I have no answer. It sure looks like a Rube Goldberg design, so now that I see it, I can understand why the Woodland company has no answer either. If it belonged to me, I'd either give up the idea of getting a Cyclone Rake or get some other mower. I have two that I can use my Cyclone Rake with (Exmark ZTR and a 1985 Bolens lawn tractor), and from photos that Woodland has provided, it looks like there are hundreds of others that will also accommodate one. Yours must be one of the very few that do not. You probably can use angle iron to some kind of external frame to support a CR hitch, but I expect it would be klutzy and in the end you would regret that you had tried.

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    I know of two commercial cutter here with the cyclone rakes on country clippers! One has a 60" Jazee Pro and the other has a 60" Boss! I have never looked at the hitch to see how they are hooked up but I have seen the guys using them!
  6. gene gls

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    You just need to fabercate a new hitch bar that sticks out behind your mower at the proper higth to accept the Cyclone connection. Its not a big deal, a welder/fabercator could do it very easy
  7. onemoretry

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    I have a pretty good idea of what I would try, but if you could give me an idea of what they have, if you do happen to see them again, that would be fantastic. I do know that Cyclone Rake offers a monetary reward if they show how a tractor they don't have on their list can connect to one of their products. It may be worth their time to contact cyclone rake, and it would help me too...
    Thanks for the replies guys.

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