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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by HappyGuy, Apr 17, 2011.

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    I am a relatively small business but looking for ways to make my job both easier and faster. I am considering the purchase of a Cyclone Rake Z-10 lawn vacuum system to use behind my 48" ZTR mower. I would also add their 32' of hose to make cleaning beds somewhat easier. I have scanned the archives for information but I don't see much that is relatively new. I have a small 5X10 trailer which easily holds my mowers. What I am looking to find out are responses to these few questions: If I use this commercially and take it from job-to-job, how difficult is it to fold up to move? No way I would trust moving it fully assembled from place to place. It will have to be collapsed. Second question is does the hose attachment actually pick up a lot of the existing mulch or by practice does one learn the "touch" of just getting the leaves and leaving the mulch behind?
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    In a perfect world you might get a vacuum to work efficiently on a lawn, but in a mulched bed, I would think wet leaves are going to make the vacuum worse than a blower, even with, 'the touch'...

    I still can't figure out how a vacuum is better than a 'bagger' on the mower. The mower does a fine job of chopping and packing in the bags full of leaves the way it is...

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