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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by All_Toro_4ME, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. All_Toro_4ME

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    Hope this is the right area for this. But was just wondering how many of you guys use them for either picking up the grass clippings as you're mowing or better yet for fall cleanups, and how you like them. They look like a great machine, but you would have to have some serious properties for fall cleanups for it to justify itself.
  2. All_Toro_4ME

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  3. brudot

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    I have a cyclone rake commercial pro 7 hp and use it for picking up the grass clippings as I'm mowing and for fall cleanups. It's great for both. For the time it saves I feel that it is well worth the money. I have the vac hose attachment for cleanups. One consideration is whether you have space on your trailer to transport it. It folds for storage but unless you fold it, take off the engine and blower (super easy), quick disconnect wheels, and put it on its side, it takes up a lot of trailer space.

    You might check out another post I made.
  4. macaw

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    I have had one for 8 years.It is the home owner one but has held up very well. Use it for leaves most of the time have used it for grass in the past. when it comes to leaves I would not be without it. Do a search there is lots of posts here on them.
  5. Runner

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    Brudot, How long does it take to collapse up if for instance, you were to fold it up to transport it from one place to another. Is it under 5 minutes?
  6. Daddy Joes Lawn Service

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    just got info on them they say 3 min to collapse them???????????
  7. Richard Martin

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    I just picked up the Brinly version of this vaccum...

    I picked mine up on clearence at The Home Depot for $400. I've only messed around in my yard with it but it seems to work very well.

    I pull it with my 60" Dixie. I set up the deck collector similar to the way that you attach a bag to the deck. 2 seconds on and off and it works with the OCDC installed.
  8. Runner

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    For 400 bucks, y0u sure can't get hurt. Granted, it is a trailering type, but for $400, so what.
  9. All_Toro_4ME

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    Thanks guys.
  10. twj721

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    Bought 1 last season but didnnot get to use it much as it had coil problems and a POS for a local Briggs service center :blob2: real picece of work he was keep motor 2 weeks and said he replaced coil picked it up and started another job and gues what it did the same thing .When it would get hot and you killed it to empty hopper you could not get it cranked back up so I took it back up to so called service center and he started asking all kinds of questions like did I add any gas , and other BS well they tookit inside and I watched them this time check it out and sure thing this coil was bad:confused: Dealer said that he didn ot understand why a NEW coil would go bad so quick . anyway when the tech got to the coil this thing had rust and crap all over it NEW COIL MY A@@. Any way finished up that yard and I loved the cylcone rake just make sure no cat or small animals around it if you are used it to pick up leaves . :laugh:

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