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I made a reply to a post that I would tell more about this Cyclone Rake vacuum when I got it up and running. So here it is:

If you have not seen one it is different; , check it out.

You can get one for under $1,000.00. I bought the bigger comercial version with everything and some extra hose and extra hitch stuff to hook it to two different mowers, for $2,068.00.

I have to say that they do have a quick and helpful customer service. I was short an additional deck adaptor. Much to my surprise the addional one did not include the hose collars since you are to use the originals with the unit. when I told customer service I was using it on two different mowers, they sent me the additional collars at no cost even after I offered to buy them.

I purchased it with all sort of additional ideas in mind. Using the motor as a truck loader would not take too much rigging up. The idea that it all folds flat was a great idea to save trailer or truck space.

I admit that it has that homeowner look alittle, but after seeing stuff at the GIE show, I'd say it has no more fiber plastics than any other new equipment.

I hooked it up to a Toro Zmaster with a 52" deck. It is a snap to hook up. Everything is all quick connect latches except the deck adaptor which bolts on after taking off the OEM deflector. That could use a quicker setup if everyother job was not a leave removal job.

The way it trailers is great for backing out of spots, but takes some time to get use to. On a ztr that thing really whips out there on the end. You must be very careful not to whip it into a obsticle.

Vacuum power is great! It has a 6 hp Tecumceh that had no problem sucking up everything under the deck as well as through the 15' hose power pickup attachment. I do not have it setup yet, but I plan to use the power unloader, an addition 15 foot hose off the discharge blower, to blow into a leaf box on a dump truck. I tried the unloader and it sucks up stuff and shoots it out 30' away.

I was skeptical of the mulching claims, since it does not claim to be a chipper shredder. But, it does mulch it up to nickle, dime, quarter size at the biggest. Of course mowing at the same time helps, but, I checked after running debris throught the hose pickup and it looked the same small sized stuff. Chews up sticks too, could not see that many left in the debris.

The power bagger option has some problems. They use to use velcro to hold the deflector flaps inside the bag. They switched to zippers on the commercial edition. The zippers seperate when taking out the contianers. Ever have zipper seperate on your coat when the zipper was all the way up, you get the picture. Velcro would work better. The containers would work very well though for actual bagging, which would be a pain all around, but it would work. I bought it thinking of using it just to dump the containers instead of using the unloader option.

The bag should last for about ever, very easy to dump also. It holds a ton of stuff. It holds 40 cu. ft.(300 gallons or 32 bushels). I did my back yard approximately 7,000 sq ft, 6 inches deep with 1/3 maple, 1/3 oak, 1/3 sycamore leaves. Filled bag about 1/2 - 2/3.

I have a one acre property that I will do again next year after a one year break. It use to take all day with a dump truck 2-3 times a fall to get all the leaves up. Now it should be a breeze. I would recommend the Cyclone Rake for the small owner operator like myself, If employees were use to mistreatment of equipment, it might have a few problems for that type of operation.

Jet boater

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Evansville, IN

I'm looking for a vacuum to attach to my Scag Turf Tiger and ran across your post.

I'm interested in something to use for fall leaves, but also use it some in Spring/Summer when my lawn is growing so *&%#$ fast.

Have you used the Cyclone to bag grass clipping yet?

I'd be mowing 2 acres. Any feedback on how often you'd have to empty it? Is it very easy to empty? I'd probably be getting the smaller of the two versions without the optional bagger. I can dump on my compost pile.

Can the back bag/frame collapse down for easier storing, say in Winter?

Anybody else have any vacuum recommendations for a SST?

Whatever I get, I'd like for it you attach and remove without much fuss.

D. Tom


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Jet Boater,

I would say for the $1,000 smaller unit you would like it.

Two pins, just like a regular trailer pins, is all that it takes to unhook the actual bagger unit. The entire motor unit comes off the frame with two screw in levers that have handles on them. Once off, the motor is on it's own frame with caster wheels. The bag comes off the frame by just lifting it up from the dump position and it's bracing all fold flat. The hoses all have either quick connect latches similiar to ones on a tool box or the smaller model might have straps with snaps, either way the hoses come off in seconds. The wheels even come off with two pins at each wheel if you want the frame to be even flater for hanging on the wall.

The time consuming part is the discharge collector that connects to your deck. It bolts on in place of your discharge gaurd using the exsisting holes. So, if you want to go back and forth from bagging to side discharge, it would take several minutes to take the thing off or put it back on. But, as a seasonal, Spring or Fall, setup, the collector would not be that big of a deal to mess with. I want to make a connector for mine myself that would allow hookup or disconnect from location to location, on the fly so to speak.

Dumping is very easy, you do have to get off the mower and disconnect the top collar on the bag from the blower discharge chute. Then you just lift up the bagger and a metal brace swings up and locks into place. You then just drive forward and dump it all out. If anything was to get stuck and not dump on it's own, the top of the bag unzips so you can reach in with a board and give it a little nudge. The angle is good enough that it should not be a proplem though. Has not yet been one for me.

I have not really done any vast amount of clippings pickup except when setting it up the first day or two, I bought mine for strictly fall and spring leaves. But, depending on your grass type and thickness and amount cutting off when mowing, I would think you would never dump more than twice on two acres. More than likely you could do it with one load in most conditions. It really does pack the stuff in quite well, and the bag is huge. If it was wet grass, you might want to dump at half loads, just due to the weight of having to lift the dumper.

On your two acres, do you have alot of trees? This thing is as long as your mower. Your pivot point is your ZTR rear tires, so when you crank around a zero turn, that back of that bagger unit is really moving out there. The unit is on large caster air filled tires that seem to have no problem keeping up with the ZTR movements, but it does take some time to get the manuvering down. If you was to swing and hit something, it would do some damage.

The ZTR's really put alot of stress on the mount from that quick swing motion they can create on zero turns. I really did not have the proper flat space required for hooking up the mount to my mower back frame. I went ahead a drilled new holes that were too close, instead of making a proper mount. When I got a full load going, I did some quick snaps that pulled the bolts right out of my mounting point on the mower frame. It was my fault, I knew it was wrong, but I was just wanting to get it going and I was planning on working on it over the winter while I had more time and I really entended to use it on a garden tractor anyway. The factory mount will hold up, it just must be mounted flat and securely to the mower's frame.

They have a money back deal if you do not like it, But I think it would work for you in a homeowner situation or light commercial as I plan on using mine.

Hope this has helped.

Jet boater

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Evansville, IN
Definitely helped. I think this machine is right for me based on my usage and need to collapse down to store.

I might ask Cyclone if they think I would need to up the HP on the smaller unit since I got a 61" deck. On the other hand, I use high-lift blades and they oughta give some assistance throwing grass up the hose.

I've already asked for their info packet on their website after reading your first post.

I have about 15 trees, but they're all out in the open.

I was thinking about what you said about using with a ZTR. I think I'm going to plan on mowing "NASCAR style" when using this. (I mean round-and-round, not speed.)

Thanks again. There's nothing like a third party testimonial.


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Va Beach,Va
That sounds like something that would work on my little JD stx38, so I dont have to sell it this spring (it will have a purpose other than camping out in my shed). Sounds like I need too call the company and get all the details .


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Skookum said:
The power bagger option has some problems. They use to use velcro to hold the deflector flaps inside the bag. They switched to zippers on the commercial edition. The zippers seperate when taking out the contianers. Ever have zipper seperate on your coat when the zipper was all the way up, you get the picture. Velcro would work better. The containers would work very well though for actual bagging, which would be a pain all around, but it would work. I bought it thinking of using it just to dump the containers instead of using the unloader option.
This was the only post I found that mentioned zipper failure for the Cyclone Rake bag. My problem is a little different in that I have the smaller homeowner's version of the Cyclone Rake, but it too has a zipper which failed exactly as Skookum describes. That's a pretty serious failure, because when it happened, that was the end of leaf pickup until repair/replacement could be done. The manufacturer treated me well and replaced the entire bag, but this happened after only about 10 hours of use, and if it happened once, it seems to me it must be a design flaw and will happen again in the future. The zipper is on the leading edge of a flap which, when in place, is the roof of the box-shaped bag, and that zipper has to resist the forces created by the blower that is driven by a 6-HP, B&S engine, which discharges directly onto the flap. Those loads must have been very large to have pulled the zipper apart, but it doesn't appear that other Cyclone Rake owners have this problem.

Although I've had a few other minor problems, I'm otherwise well pleased with my Cyclone Rake. But I'm concerned that this zipper problem hasn't really gone away. So if others have had it, please let us know, and if it is widespread, perhaps the manufacturer will come up with a better design.


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WE have two of them, one for a 60" deck Dixie Chopper and one for a 50" Dixie. Absolutely incredible time saver, making two trips to the woods or curbside instead of 35

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time to revive this post
how big is the engine assembly?
i want to get this but i have a small trailer and would fold it down for transporting. what i would like is the length and width of the engine when it is detached from the bagger.



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Becket Ma.
The engine unit,when detached is only slightly larger than a milk crate.Ive had one since last spring and I love it. I would recomend the 200 cubic foot unit ( much easier to manover) still holds plenty. I also got the dual wheels,unloader,jack,tool rack,wall mount brackets and upgrade the hoses for sure! They are indistructable.

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