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Cyclone Rake

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jeffh1988, Oct 11, 2004.

  1. jeffh1988

    jeffh1988 LawnSite Member
    from MS
    Messages: 112

    I am looking for the pros and cons of the cyclone rake. I did a search and their were mixed opinions and some people felt they were great in certain places but sucked in others. Just trying to find some updated information on one and how old are these. Have they been making them for a while or just in the last couple years.

    Thanks in advance
  2. jeffh1988

    jeffh1988 LawnSite Member
    from MS
    Messages: 112

    Thanks for all the replys............ ..... .............
    Guess there aren't any good things about the cyclone rake???
  3. FrankenScagMachines

    FrankenScagMachines LawnSite Platinum Member
    from IN
    Messages: 4,739

    I have no experience with it, and i hate to give this sort of response... but have you tried searching for it here on Lawnsite? I've seen a few posts about it before, just have to dig and find them. Also, Cyclone Rake has a service they offer where they give you the name and phone number of someone in your area who owns one. You can call them privately and talk to them. Of course, most of them will not be commercial mowers so much as homeowners, but it may give you a good idea of the machine's capabilities and problems.
  4. gogetter

    gogetter Banned
    Messages: 3,256

    Easy there guy, no need to get huffy because you didn't get an answer in under 12 hrs!

    I've done a lot of searching in the past for Cyclone Rake posts, and have found quite a bit. Then when I see that someone here has one, I PM them to dig for more info.

    Overall, I have found that more people were happy with their purchase then weren't. Seems like any negative input about this product wasn't about the product itself, but was more about the product not fitting their needs. Things like it's too big for their lawns, doesn't fit on their smaller trailers, that type of stuff.

    I suggest ordering the free video and information packet they send out (if you haven't already).
  5. jeffh1988

    jeffh1988 LawnSite Member
    from MS
    Messages: 112

    I have a deal with a guy for a cyclone rake on Wed or Thur. and I just need information pretty quick. Didn't mean to get offensive just reviving my post and getting a little frustrated.

    Anyway thanks for the replys turns out i will be looking at it thurs. so any more info would be nice.
  6. QualityLawnCare4u

    QualityLawnCare4u LawnSite Gold Member
    Messages: 3,758

    Jefth1988, did you see my input on here about my rake? Im one of the ones who despised it! If you are using it in a yard with any flower beds or obstacles it is VERY aggravating to use. It was over 12 feet long when hooked to my rider, try pulling this thing around a yard with obstacles. Also has a tecumseh engine which are very unpopular in my area. Do a search on the rake by me and you can see other folks who have them. I will say there customer service is great. They gave me a full refund even though I had it for 8 months. I will ad if you are doing a wide open area it would work ok, but not in a yard with obstacles.

    Quality Lawn Care
  7. macaw

    macaw LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 416

    I have had one for 6 years and I love it I have not raked leaves in 6 years
    Just one pass and it will pick up the thickest of leaves it can be a little slow
    but not having to rake is worth it get the pick up hose no better way to clean out shrub beds pm me and I can send pictures of it at work.

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