D’ttach™ Double Shot fertilizing spray combo unit (DTDS)

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    “It’s About Time”
    Quality, Functionality
    and Satisfaction
    D’ttach Attachment Series
    has you Covered!

    For landscapers and turf professionals world wide, the task of fertilizing and chemical application has just been made easier by the D’ttach™ Double Shot fertilizing spray combo unit (DTDS). Built for the D’ttach™ Attachment Series, the DTDS has a 100 lb granular hopper that is also equipped with an 8 gallon removable spray tank. Using your electric start commercial mower as the power source, the DTDS utilizes electric controls to activate the spreader or the sprayer. Both can also be used at the same time. The DTDS
    also uses an electric operated material gate (EOMG). This eliminates the need for cables that can break. An optional electric control module (”ECM” - part # 77009ECM) allows your to slow or speed up the material spinner. This can save on material which will save you money. The DTDS comes equipped with a reliable 1.8 G.P.M., 60 P.S.I. heavy duty Shurflo pump. TeeJet quick change spray tips ensure an even spraying over a large area. The DTDS is built D’ttach™ tough and comes standard with powder coated steel frame.
    An optional stainless steel frame is also available and is recommended for the “hardcore professional”. Speed, reliability, durability, and efficiency. Take turf management to the next level with the D’ttach™ Double Shot!

    Available to accommodate most commericial walkbehind or ZTR Mowers. The
    D’ttach™ was developed to fit the Wright Mfg’s Stander RH and Sentar Sport

    The D’ttach™ Double Shot quickly attaches and “D’ttaches” from your commercial mower in seconds! D’ttach™ Attachment Series is constructed to endure the high demands of a professional landscaper with heavy duty materials. Quality combined with efficiency equates to saving time and money and being more productive with your power equipment - “It’s about time”.

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