D’ttach™ Zero-Turn Aerator 48”

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    "It's About Time"
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    D'ttach Attachment Series
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    Professional landscapers everywhere know the turf benefits of periodic lawn aerating. They also know the financial benefits. Core aerating is the most popular and effective method of lawn aerating. Core aerating usually involves a heavy, bulky and expensive machine that requires high maintenance. Until now that is. Introducing the D’ttach™ Zero-Turn Aerator 48” ( ZTAER48). This innovative core aerator ,built exclusively for the D’ttach™ Attachment Series, features a unique design that allows you to attach the ZTAER48 to the front of your zero turn commercial mower. The aerator aerates as fast as
    your mower moves, roughly 3 acres per hour. The 48” wide aerator is built D’ttach™ tough with 7 guage plate steel construction. The 24, 3/4” replaceable closed spoon tines average 2.5-3” coring depth. Because of the speed of the ZTAER48, multiple passes over the turf is easily obtainable, increasing the amount of holes per square foot. The yokes and core clusters are greaseable and equipped with replaceable oilite 3/4” bushings. The ZTAER48 comes with the auto lock system (ALS) to keep it in the upright position for easy transport. High speed, low maintenance, and a fraction of the cost of most core aerators, the ZTAER48 gets right to the core of what an aerator should be.

    Available to accommodate most commericial walkbehind or ZTR Mowers. The
    D’ttach™ was developed to fit the Wright Mfg’s Stander RH and Sentar Sport

    The D’ttach™ Zero-Turn Aerator 48 quickly attaches and “D’ttaches” from your commercial mower in seconds! D’ttach™ Attachment Series is constructed to endure the high demands of a professional landscaper with heavy duty materials. Quality combined with efficiency equates to saving time and money and being more productive with your power equipment - “It’s about time”.

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