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Dixie Chopper already has the best warranties in the industry, but owner Art Evans says there is an unheralded gem on that impressive list.

The least publicized of those guarantees is a lifetime warranty on valve seats on all Dixie Chopper models since 1988.

When valve seats fail, it doesn't mean an engine is bad or is defective. It is more likely due to a misapplication of an engine (an example would be too small of a motor installed on a mower, which causes the engine to operate at 100% duty cycle and results in overheating and valve seat failure OR in closed engine shroud which causes to much heat or sucking hot air from hydros).

With its lifetime warranty on valve seats in place for 20 years, Dixie Chopper has seen near zero failures over two decades.

Dixie Chopper also offers lifetime warranties on its frames, front caster bearing assemblies, front forks (against breakage), and all stainless steel (against rust). Dixie Choppers also carry a two-year bumper-to-bumper warranty (parts and labor) and a three-year warranty on spindle hubs. It doesn’t get any better than that.