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Discussion in 'Network: South' started by Whatdefunk, Jul 7, 2003.

  1. Whatdefunk

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    from Texas
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    I was just curious what size mowers you guys use for residential customers? Most of my homes have a 36 inch gate and the big decks wont fit through them. I have a 33 inch w/b and thats about as big as I can go! Do you use smaller ones like mine for these customers or do you use 21 inch? I would like to buy a bigger mower to save time but I'm afraid its not worth it. I read these posts about guys from other areas using 52 inch decks, but that really would't work in my neck of the woods. All of the homes that I mow are in newer sub-divisions and the gates are all the same. Let me know what you guys are doing. Thanks
  2. Whatdefunk

    Whatdefunk LawnSite Member
    from Texas
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  3. TurfGuyTX

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    Look a little lower. There's a section for DFW that others have contributed. Welcome to LawnSite and good luck.
  4. Tx Firefighter

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    I from 30 miles west of Ft Worth.

    I have 35 or so accounts and I use a 36 inch Scag walk behind. It will go into all but one of my backyards. That one, I overbid by 15 dollars so I don't mind cutting the back with my 21 (Toro Proline 2 cycle).:D
  5. Whatdefunk

    Whatdefunk LawnSite Member
    from Texas
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    All of my gates are 36 inches wide, will the 36 inch deck make it through?
  6. Hodge

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    If the gate size is 36" and then no it will not fit. Reason is if you can get a straight run at it good but any angle will make it too tight. The gate might be 36" but the fence post and gate backer (slats placed as a gate stop on the side of the fence/gate post) Plus I am fond of my skin on my hands. I have a exmark 36 (a true 36") and run mostly in newer sub divisions also. Of the 40 residental customer I can make it in to about 28 of the gates.

    TurfGuy is correct... most of us DFW'ers have posted and subscribed to this link...

    There's a section for DFW that others have contributed
  7. FarrisFrog

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    Need Insurance in TX? Call 1-800-842-6572 ext 2581
  8. blafleur

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    Great, insurance people advertising on this site, next there will be lawyers, then child molesters.
  9. Mowingman

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    The best mower I have found for those 36" gates, is the new Gravely 34" commercial ZTR. This thing is built like a tank, and will go through most 36" gates. The cost on them is only $3995.00.
    I am in Denton. If you want to look at those 34" Gravelys, send me a PM and I will give you the location of some dealers in the area.
  10. FarrisFrog

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    Not in the insurance business- I just know how hard it is to get good insurance in our business and wanted to pass the info along. They helped me out withh all I needed. Good business has good insurance!

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