D.O.T. tape for safety's sake


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Any one else use it? I think having it on the trailer increases safety, especially after dark, [finishing up the day]

Use cones and the tape, plus yellow/black non-skid strips...hope this prevents a motorist from loading himself up....with the ramp down.



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really stands out at intersections at night when approaching cars headlights pick it out.

dot tape.jpg


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Musta got a roll cheap, huh?

Cant be too safe.

People must need their shades at night whey they pass next to you!


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Thats right, JOB #1 IS ALWAYS TO BE SAFE!.

Looks good, I think its a good idea to put on the gate but thats all I would do. I would just put the flashers on when you get out of the truck. It lights up the front and back of your truck as well as the trailer. Its cheaper and very effective.


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chicago suburbs
i know my dad company (i believe) pays $100-200 a roll :(
but i have it on the back of my gate

C & T

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I have on the inside top part of my gate so as to see it when the gate is down. It can be seen by oncoming drivers. I also set a cone up if I will be a while with the gate down.


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Might not be a bad idea to put a strip across the back of the "Z' if a job requires us to mow along roadway shoulders or other high traffic areas. We sometimes kick up enough dust that we are hard to see.

Jim......aka The Captain