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d19 went south What did I do wrong?

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I had a d19 hypro the diaphrams were replaced in May I was using it thursday to spray some ferromec on a new lawn for a new bank. It started "laboring" and stopped I tore it down and it had large cracks and holes in both diaphrams, it had blown all the oil out and sucked full of chemical and the push rods had seazed to the crank shaft.

My chemical supplier looked up the price of parts to fix it and it was going to be almost as much as a new d30 so I ordered a new d30.

My question is why didnt the diaphrams I replaced two months ago last longer it had less then 40 hours on them. Or is it somthing I did wrong?

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something inside must have been hitting the rubber were the replacement parts the right ones? did it suck up a metal shaving
or ma by just bad luck

Be glad your old D-19 lasted this long. They are no longer made because they were a lot of trouble. I still have one that I use for shrubs, But I know the day will come when I have to replace it.
If you turn the diaphrams or the metal washers in front of the diaphrams the wrong way, you will quickly cut into the plastic.

If it ran very long without oil, that could have seized the push rods.

Also iron products if left in the sprayer without regular cleaning will corrode rubber o rings and diaphrams quicker.
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