D2D Sales needed in St. Louis MO

Discussion in 'Employment' started by mikeylees lawn care, Sep 20, 2006.

  1. mikeylees lawn care

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    MikeyLee's Lawn Care LLC is contracting door to door sales people to sell aeration and overseeding treatments for the next month and a half.

    Straight Commission position. Commission paid on a sliding scale ranging from 13% to 25%. The more you sell the higher your commission.

    Top performers may earn a full time position with MikeyLee's and become eligible for some benefits.

    send me a pm. email me at employment@mikeyleeslawncare.com or call 314-209-0064.

    Must have a neat clean appearance, a positive attitude, and your own transportation.
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    How did this work out for you? I've been talking to a few guys about canvasing for my hardscaping work.
  3. mikeylees lawn care

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    Well first of all, I didn't get any replies from the add here on lawn site. Yours, was the first reply LOL.

    The true answer to your question is that I ran into some major issues with my business partner shortly after the add was placed and we ended up basicly scraping any growth plans that we had and starting fresh, so the DTD never happened. That being said I have had great success with DTD before and personaly like it better than any other form of advertising. I think the personal interaction with potential customers builds a very stable long term customer.

    Hope that helped.

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