Daaaa, do you put the pointy side of the lugnut in or out?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Highpoint, Jun 15, 2001.

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    :( Just got done repairing one of my small trailers. You would never guess how 8 lugnuts would end up costing close to $500.00!!! One of my employees with the brain of a mouse decided to put the lugnuts on backwards. 3 days later he calls me up and says the trailer lost a wheel and the other side is wobbling! he is sitting on the INSIDE median of the local state hiway. Here is the break down:

    Times are approx., Trailer is 5x10 with 20.5x10x16 w/ 4 hole rim.

    45 mins. for me to go get a trailer and drive to him.
    75 mins. to get his trailer on mine including the mower.
    30 mins. to drive to shop.
    30 mins. to get his trailer off mine and into shop.
    He goes home at 2:45 pm and does not return till folowing am, (arrives late) Meanwhile,
    I spend 30 mins. on phone trying to find a wheel locally. end up having to order one that will take 2 days.
    Following day I have to rent a trailer so he can do his job.
    60 mins. removing what is left of the Lug nuts with a torch, drilling holes slightly larger for new studs. Re-welding back sides
    Studs and nuts cost about $12.00
    2 wheels cost about $65.00. had to get one new tire, the other is lost in hiway heaven. Tire cost almost $40.00
    Add in lost time from him not being able to keep his jobs on schedule and my time (which is worth at least $100 per hour, I had to post-pone my work) His ignorance cost a bunch of cash. Word to the wise. DO NOT ASSUME your help knows what they are doing just because they can drive a truck and pull a trailer.
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    Don't take this wrong, but did you hire him as a lawn worker or as a tire changer? It would be nice to be able to hire people who are widely versed and well rounded and can do it all, but my experience is that those are few and far between. You, as I, would probably assume that anyone would know how to change a tire correctly, but obviously that is an incorrect assumption on both our parts and you know what they say when we assume [makes an ass out of u and me].

    I have been amazed at what the people I've hired as laborers don't know and have found that I cannot assume that they know anything. I have to tell them specifically what to do and how I want it done.

    Like I said, don't take this wrong because I feel your pain, it's just that I'm sure we've all assumed that our helpers will use common sense [which is actually not real common] and will treat our equipment as if it were theirs [not!]. Sorry to hear about your problem. Will M>

    PS: Changing a tire on some of the newer cars is not possible without getting out the owners manual, to find out where the spare is if nothing else, and then probably having to figure out how to lower the spare, assemble the jack and handles and where to put it.

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