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Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by abrightday, Jan 27, 2011.

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    We just started a new account today and my son, who works for me, came running back and said, : Hey there's a guy out front with a clipboard standing by the truck! He wants to talk to you. Well it was a state DAC's inspector, wanted to see our ID cards,and lawn signs,, asked what we were spraying, wanted to see our spill kit, the whole bit. First time I was ever stopped in the field in all my 30 years of work. No problems,, :walking: passed with flying colors. Be aware they are out there, and if your not licensed fines are heavy. Glad to see them. Actually he said there were a few of them going through the area stopping all pest and landscape trucks., asking for round-up licenses also,,, be aware guys,,if your not legal, :nono: get legal or quit what your doing,,he said the state needs revenue and they are going to be out in force this year.
    By the way this was in Volusia county, Debary, Florida
  2. Ric

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    Unfortunate the DAC inspector needed some paper work and your truck has Pesticides written all over it from the equipment on down to your Name. Typical of Government Wage slaves they pick the low hanging fruit instead of chasing after the Ton of Illegal applicator that drove past you being inspected.
  3. Landscape Poet

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    Good to hear you passed without getting a fine.
    I have never heard of them asking for a license for Round Up. I carry my little wallet size license with me just in case but just as I know you guys face people in your part of the field without license, I know of dozens of guys who carry round up that have never gotten licensed to carry it. It would be nice to see them actually ask people for it.

    If the state really wanted to stop illegal applications from happening how come they just do not make retailers of pesticides and herbicides have to enter a license number? Wouldn't that be a fairly simple process? You stop in at your local lesco and before they could sell they have to verify your license?
  4. knox gsl

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    My local Lesco will sell to anyone and if you have a commercial account they will sell at a discount wthout a permit to use. On the upside we have good enforcement in this area, so all I spray is my place.
  5. Frank's Lawn Care

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    I was stopped last yr,got a warning for round up. I didn't know about this. So i don't offer round anymore. Not worth fees or fines. Up to $5000 fine says on papers he gave. Now i'm a cut only service. Too old for the labor part of sod and all. And accounts are easy to get here. Can do 10+ aday.
  6. MR-G

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    they are out in st lucie county again as well.....wish they would be more consistant...it would help the guys who are legit....

    SCAG POWER LawnSite Senior Member
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    Yep they "The Round up Police" Were out last August. They stoped a buddy ofmine ............. Went over his stuff with a fine tooth comb. He had a good amount of stuff on his trailer. Told the guy it was for his yard........... Still got written up. My self do not carry any thing but a shovel and some other toys............... People ask me for it, I say Home depot has it read the directions....................

    They will be out this season once again...............:clapping::hammerhead:
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    Yo Guys

    I don't have an issue with a little illegal Roundup spraying. But more than that sure Pisses Me Off after going back to college and then hiring a CPO so I could get a Certification/License to be legal. What pisses me even more is the attitude of the Fly By Night Yard Boy who thinks I am the Jerk for complaining about them stealing my work. I get even Madder when the State does nothing about Illegals and fines legals guys because simple crap.

    Maybe we should Let Obama enact Muslim Law. You steal!! Cut Off your Right hand. Yes you are stealing from every legal applicator when you apply illegally.
  9. Jason Rose

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    Why is Round Up treated differently than other herbicides? If you have a general pesticide license do you still have to get a seperate license for RU? can you attain a license for RU only so you can apply it legally while not having a general pesticide license?

    Sorry for the 20 questions, just curious as to what the theory of seperating something as relatively harmless (from a personal exposure and environmental standpoint) as Round Up.
  10. Ric

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    Glyphosate invented by Dr John Franz of the Monsanto Co in 1969 is the most financially successful Pesticide every developed. You can swim in it and it won't hurt you. Spray in water and the Half life is zero and an hour later the microbe have eaten any residue.

    Glyphosate was originally a Mistake by Dr Franz who was working on a Growth Regulator for turf. Today's Roundup Label (normally Section 8) still has Growth regulation rates listed for turf and which varieties are tolerant.

    But the Real reason Roundup is treated different is the DEMAND for a safe weed control.

    I am not going into Glyphosate resistances or Roundup ready Crops for agriculture.

    BTW I am sure if Kiril sees this post he will find something wrong with it. So I will apology ahead of time.

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