Dad's Mower, Electric Weedeater & My Bike,

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    I started in 1983 I was 11 years old. I raced BMX and the only way to pay for it was I had to earn it. Got that MTD mower of my dad's and balanced the gas can, Electric weedeater, and Power Cord on the mower got on my bike and pulled it all behind me. Went door to door all over my neigborhood. Would stop at any and all houses that looked like it needed mowed. Would get from $10 to $25 I was a SCRUB LOWBALLAR :eek:

    I then got all craftsman I was still in school and after HS I went into Marines got out started lawn work again from scratch started with craftman again this was in 93 worked for the city on the side then went to Toro and Shindowa in 95 also quit the city and was a Full time LCO had a new Toro 21" and 32" new trimmers, blower and 3 months went by guess what it all was stolen and I still owed on it with no insurance.

    Went into truck driving for 7 months :cry: quit that and joined the Army got out in 98 started working for the state of TX as a Correctional Officer. In 2001 started my lawn service again with craftsman again 2002 got Toro 21" and 36" WB trailer, stihl trimmers, blower, echo hedge trimmers.

    I had 40 customers last season and expect the same if not more this season. I focus on doing a good job and being paid good for it. I have got picky about who I will mow for. This year so far I have turned down 7 customers lawns. I look forward to what the next few years may bring for my lawn biz.

    Good luck to us all.

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