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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by larryinalabama, Dec 19, 2016.

  1. whiffyspark

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    My dad is buying a house in the villages in Florida. The people that are building it told him not to pay more than $50 a month. And they’re getting a corner lot lol
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  2. weeze

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    that's nuts. a 1/4 yard here is $35 a week maybe $30 if it's super easy and flat and not too many trees.
  3. weeze

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    what? :O

    that's nuts. it's cheap here and i wouldn't do it for less than $35-$40 a cut. $140-$160 a month. triple the price. i wouldn't make it in florida.

    honestly i'm scared the same thing is gonna happen here one day. too many mexicans living here now. eventually they will take over the market and it will be the norm to only hire mexicans to mow your lawn. that's when we go out of business. they are stealing our jobs slowly but surely. there's no way we can compete with their low prices.

    if you think about it mexicans are dumb. they are great workers. better than any white person honestly....but they are leaving money on the table. i know they think $25 is a lot of money but it's nothing here in america. they could be making triple the amount of money for the same work. it's like they just enjoy working for nothing? i know they live 25 people to a house but come on. charge a little bit more money that will give you more to send home to mexico. don't you love your family? charge more money then.

    i dont' care what race a person is but low prices to get more customers is killing this industry. legal or illegal doesn't matter. charge the correct price for the job. there needs to be some kind of standard pricing for people to follow in this industry.

    i mean check out plumbers and all that. they all charge the same amount. $65 just to come out to your house. it doesn't matter who you call. you don't see guys showing up for $45 or $50 or anything. everyone of them is exactly the same when it comes to price. why is it so all over the place in the lawn mowing industry?
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  4. Todd73

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    That's Florida. Had a guy a few weeks back call for an estimate. 3/4 acre lot. Mostly mowing. Quoted him $160 a month, and even after that, thought I underbid it. Never heard back from him. Guaranteed he found some yahoo to do it for $100 or so a month.
  5. weeze

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    well the prices are higher here but most people are bi weekly not weekly. it's rare to get a weekly yard here. i have about 5-10 weekly yards and 20-25 bi weekly ones.

    people don't mind paying $80 a month for grass mowing but they don't wanna pay over $100 a month for it....yet they will pay $300 a month in cell phone bills. it's nuts if you actually think about it.

    i had one that paid me $35 a cut bi weekly and would struggle to pay me....he works for verizon and told me his cell phone bill for him and his wife was $300 a month. i almost flipped out. i dropped him.

    there's so many deadbeats like that around here. it drives me nuts. there's nothing i can do. that's the market. there's only 1 good customer out of 5 around here.

    the "normal" people all mow their own yards for the most part.
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  6. whiffyspark

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    They’re not Mexicans. And I guarantee they aren’t starving
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  7. Mr Efficiency

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    Warm Dry mid sept - October in NJ but some warm rains in last week.
    Trickle trickle leaf drop, no good frost yet but one morning at 34F with a little frost on car tops.
    Only leaves falling and with any color at all are ones damaged by fungus from a rainy summer.

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  8. weeze

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    they have to be starving. the cost of living in florida is much higher than it is here. i'm not exactly rich and i'm charging 3 times as much. :laugh:

    what do they do? work sun up til sun down 7 days a week? you would have to and you would still live in a rat infested shack of a house and live on ramen noodles.

    i guess none of them pay taxes?

    my guess is they are on disability or living off the gov and working for cash only. that's the only way they could possibly do it. the only way. either that or they all still live at home with their parents? something has to be going on. you can't even afford mower repairs at those prices.
  9. larryinalabama

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    12 bucks a cut, Id say they are starving.

    Its not just our industry. I was talking to a customers neighbor and he had a full size 4 door truck and a Cadillac fully detailed, both for 130$, it took the dude 8 hours.
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  10. whiffyspark

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    Auto billing on credit card or pay up front for season is what we’ve seen.

    No some people are business people and are smarter than others. My guess is they hit at least 50 houses a day per truck 5 days a week.

    People whine on here everyday about low ballers. Sure there’s some of them but some people are can do things cheaper faster and more efficient.

    Imagine getting undercut by 7 figures. Then have the client come crawling back 6 months later begging you to take it back. BUT at the same price did person undercut you for.

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