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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Jerry and Sons, Oct 5, 2006.

  1. Jerry and Sons

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    I currently have a crew of three guys on the road and I am running into some problems when it comes to billing. Some customers are stateing that they were not cut on the date on the bill or were skipped all together. Does any one have a log they use to keep track of lawns mowed or a form you leave at the home for the customer to let them know that we were there?
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    I make my guys fill out a log sheet for every property with all the info you might need - time in , time out , unusual things , did they speak to owner or manager ect. keeps you informed if questions pop up down the road.
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    I do the same thing. When a customer calls and says that it doesn't look like the crew showed up that day, it pretty much is a done deal when you say "well Mr. Customer, my crew actually serviced your lawn at 11:22am this morning. Have been down this road before and being able to give an exact time let's them know you are organized and that you know what is going on.
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    Or you stick a gps tracking system in your truck and have data in your computer from it that backs up your contention. Also - you need to clearly give your customer a time limit to contest their service or perceived lack of it.
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    Do you by chance have a copy of your log that you would be willing to share? Thanks! Jeff
  6. jsf343

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    I asked another poster the same question, would you be willing to share a copy of your log? Thank you!
  7. Tim Wright

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    I am going to buy CLIP software which is a complete system for managing your business.

    What I am looking for is that you can use the web enabled module that uses web enabled cell phones that will track start and stop times of every job and update the office system in real time.

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  9. Josh.S

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    Here is what mine looks like


    at the beginning of the month I simply hit print and the access program pulls everything onto about 40 work logs, and i put them in a binder, each work logs has enough room for 5 jobs per property, and i print off an extra one for the fertalized accoumts and things like that or if it was in spring i would just print double work logs..

    i also have a excel spread sheet for an overview of the logs..


    this is how i keep track of all of my accounts and it works great for me... but everybody needs to find the way that works for them....

    my problem is i still dont have any good way for scheduling...
  10. jsf343

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    Wow, I kind of gave up. Thank you to you both:waving:

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