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  1. Randyc

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    i am a homeowner and I have dalisgrass that is getting in my lawn. Tried pulling it up but I think I realistically have too much to do this.

    What can I use to spray it? I have centipede grass and I live in middle Georgia.

  2. weeze

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    roundup (glyphosate) will kill it but will also kill centipede grass.

    you can try to spot spray and be very careful. keep spray nozzle close to the ground and only spray the middle of the dallisgrass clump.

    either that or dig up each clump of dallisgrass with a shovel.

    you don't have to do it all in one day. just dig up several each day or something until you get them all out of the yard.
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  3. takervader

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    1. Round up
    2. Shovel

    I go with Option 1 and just wait for the grass to fill back in. Just spraying the middle of the clump does not always work either, dallis is strong stuff.

    On the golf course, when we cannot use MSMA sprays to weaken it, we walk around with a paint brush and paint the roundup on the leaves.
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  4. theltz81

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    Repeat application of either Certainty or Celsius herbicide.
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  5. kemco

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    I'm not in front of a certainty label. But assuming it's ok on centipede just as theltz81 said you will need repeat applications about a week apart of I remember correctly. This worked for me in a lawn that was 100%bermuda turfgrass but everywhere there was also dallis all in the lawn. Took multiple apps to get it gone for the most part.

    If it's clumps in certain areas you can also get about a tablespoon of granular 46-0-0 or the highest N you can find and put it directly in a clump right in the middle of the crown. Don't spread it. It will burn that clump out in about a week.
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  6. Jeff@diyokc

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    Tribute! Expensive at $392 for 5 oz, but youlll only Ned about 2 tablespoons of the stuff in a 4 gal back pack sprayer!

    Also the gly and shovel are good choices, be careful to not drop seed pods or your back in the dallisgrass business! It’s an invesive grass and as stated, difficult to get rid of! If you have a neighbor that has it and they aren’t doing much to control or suppress it, when they mow, the seed heads are airborne and unfortunately may land on your place!
  7. kemco

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    Well son of a gun I've never heard of tribute but I like what I just read on the label. Thx.
  8. RigglePLC

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    Try cutting out a cardboard template with an 18 by 18 inch opening.
    Spray the square with Roundup. Twice if needed. Mix at maximum strength.
    When you are ready, replace the dead dallis sod with an 18 by 18 piece of new sod.
    Actually, cut your cardboard template to the exact size you need to match what you can get from your sod farm. 18 by 24 inch sod or whatever--after you cut it in half.
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  9. jonthepain

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    I have had excellent luck controlling dallisgrass in centipede with pylex.
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  10. CorgiTurf

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    If you use tribute on centipede, might as well use round up

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