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Discussion in 'Network: South' started by TurfGuyTX, Mar 18, 2003.

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    I know it has been quite some time back, but I saw this door hanger at my house today.

    Trendy Borders
    (817) 739-2571

    I don't know their quality but it is what it is.

    They are advertising a 25% discount right now. You might be able to sub it out and make that 25% if you are lucky.(or good)
  2. Hoots

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    What do you want to do? Most FF use the lawncare business to increase their income and do something in their spare time from what I can tell. You are going the other direction. A few weeks ago you were concerned about employee theft and selling out. How can you keep tabs on employees while being a fire fighter? If you want to sell and pursue a fire fighting job, let me know. I am always looking to expand. I tried to contact you the last time you posted a possible sell out and never heard back.

    Not starting anything, just looking to understand you.
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    Well wasnt the response I was looking for but I will respond to it.

    I currently have a full time job and like it but there have been some changes in my life that have made me think again of my purpose. I re-evaluated my life and what I want to accomplish. I have always wanted to be a firefighter but have always found excuses because I was going to TCU and I had knee surgery when I was 14, 16 and 19. However I have rehabbed my knee and realized TCU was great but I dont have to use my degree if I dont want to.

    So moving on to selling my business. Well we have all been there and it was a few months ago I was pissed about employees stealing. A lot of the stuff I post on here is to vent. I dont like to bring my business home with me so I use here to vent. People have become more critical so sometimes I dont visit this site very often so some post are delayed.

    I love the landscaping industry but I need something stable as well. I am 24 years old and want to do something before it is to late. I would be more then happy to sell my business, accounts, or equipment at any time if the price is right. That doesnt mean over priced it means a fair price.

    Hopefully that answers your questions.
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    I use the one in Garland workforce pretty often. Not so much for lawncare but for other jobs. It's a very good resource but you can also pick up a couple of bums. I would never pick up a Caucasian or A.M. from there. I pay 10+ an hour so obviously it has nothing to with "cheap labor" Its because you stand a better chance of getting a good worker. An able bodied Caucasian thats goes there, more often than not has "issues".

    It very organized if you stay in line. The surrounding areas you will get your truck swamped.

    A "little english" will also downgrade your choices in terms of a good worker. Sad but true I got one of those spanglish books for landscape terms. If you do get a someone who speaks english, then talk to him. Ask for his experience.

    It's a little intimidating at first. You have a thousand eyes looking at you and you have to look them over as well. They are all holding a ticket with their number on it. At a glance you can look for things such as; boots, jeans or dickies, how are they wearing their cap. Its not a science but avoid tennis shoes and someone who doesn't look ready to work.

    I haven't validated it yet but supposedly they have a number to give you for the IRS or they can't get in line. I need to find out all that as well so, we should all stay in touch on this issue.

    I found a guy last year on craigslist. Excellent lawncare worker. I worked him all summer and I hope to see him back this spring.

    A car is also something you can ask for but one of the tricks they all know about is to tell you they have no car. That way you get to pick them up. I've watched several guys walk straight to a car after dropping them off. This is after they said they no car.
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    Any of you guys heard of Great American Lawns in Lantana, Tx? Info?
  6. Morningside

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    No, i have'nt. why?
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    Im a ****** responding to a thread back in 03 asking about the labor camps ? I don't know why I was even on page 9
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    I found a place, Ft Worth Crossties off 820. It took me long enough.
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    I saw a bunch at home depot the other day and they went fast.
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    Good job Tom...gosh! :laugh:

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