Dallas-Fort Worth Area LCO's

Discussion in 'Network: South' started by TurfGuyTX, Mar 18, 2003.

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    Thank ya'll for the info. I contacted the TDA a couple of years ago and ordered the three books and got the info on the different types of license. I have just heard the easiest way was to take some classes with the test folowing. I will contact my extension agency about some classes, bt then again this is the same people that told me I did not need a license to spray over the counter products :laugh::laugh:.
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    I am up in DENTON too
  4. Morningside

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    Denton Co. only offers the "private applicators" training course and test. if you are going to charge for any application you need a "commercial applicator" license.
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    Is anyone else going to Ed's open house and sale today? I'm ready for the BBQ and look at the toys. If you see a short, fat and ugly guy with a red Turf Dawg shirt on please say hello. It would be nice to meet some fellow Lawnsite members.
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    Hello Texas fellows. I was wondering how many cuts per season do you average? Avg size lawn? How many lawns a day can you do in the heat?
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    The heat doesn't ever bother me. There's no such thing as an average sized lawn for me... but an average normal city lot in a subdivision is between 6k and 9k sq ft I suppose. I average between 36-38 on most lawns. Hope that info helps.
  8. Brayzon Landscaping

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    I would say around 38 cuts per year. Also a two man crew can do about 20 to 25 Avg lawns in a day if they are routed correctly.
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    Anyone have any thoughts on how things are going to be this season? I am concerned with all the lay-offs.

    I am hoping for a good year. It might be wishful thinking.
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    The only trouble I have had so for is with non-privatly owned commercial accounts. I have lost three this year because of price. In the last few years I have not been the low bidder on these but have won the contract anyway. This year they all went to the lowest bidder. So for all of my residential and privately owned commercial are still with me [knock on wood]. What is bad is that I dropped 27 accounts last year when I downsized now with this three going away it hurts the ole pocketbook. Oh well I have two more new ones to bid on, and one is a past client that left for price reasons but has been somewhat unhappy with the preformance. What has really slowed down around here is the new installs and some of the extras like fresh mulch.

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