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Discussion in 'Network: South' started by TurfGuyTX, Mar 18, 2003.

  1. texastruecuttin

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    howdy fellas,
  2. texastruecuttin

    texastruecuttin LawnSite Member
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    howdy fellas im looking to hire 1 guy full time to help out with my maintenance company this year. thought id post on here to see if i could stir anything up and potentially find a good worker. Let me know somthing. Need the help as soon as possible. help needs to be close to rockwall if no trasportation. Thanks
  3. lawn_jockey

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    I grew by 20% without flyers just using videos and podcasts from a marketing company that markets for lawn care guys and tree trimmers. crap works
  4. xtremelawn

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    What marketing company did you use?
  5. lawn_jockey

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    check out the new sponsor. Just up front. I own the company and I rocked my own results with Lawn Jockey so good I started providing my services to other folks.

    Do a search for dfw-internetmarketing and you should find some more info.

    Check out some of my results here .

  6. Hodge

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    In search of a repair shop for a stihl trimmer hopefully in the Frisco area. Any recommendations other than Frisco Lawn and Power?

  7. outrunjason

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    I like Plano Power at central and 15th st. Also try Richardson saw and lawn mower.
  8. J-Man

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    Ag-Power-talk to Jon Manning
  9. z_clark

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    Hey guys. I am still around, just don't come here much anymore. I got this in my e-mail for a demo day and wanted to share. SEE BELOW FOR COPY OF E-MAIL:

    Join the Dallas-Fort Worth Clean Cities Coalition, the North Central Texas Council of Governments and Metro Lawn for a Propane Lawn Equipment Demonstration. Come and test drive the latest commercial-grade propane lawn mowers. A presentation and free lunch will be provided.

    Where: Meadowbrook Recreation Center
    1400 Dugan
    Arlington, Texas 76010

    When: Tuesday, June 29 Noon - 3 p.m.

    Cost: Attendance is FREE but you must RSVP at http://www.lpglawndemo.eventbrite.com to participate.

    Who: Landscape Contractors, Purchasing Managers, Transportation Directors, Fleet Managers, School Boards, County/City Government Officials, Parks Employees, Campus or Amusement Park Maintenance Staff. Please forward to your colleagues who might be interested!

    For more information contact Pamela Burns at 817-704-2510 or pburns@nctcog.org.
  10. Brayzon Landscaping

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    Looking for 1 million in general liability insurance for lawncare for 1 person? I have gotten one quote for 1500.00 for the year. Just wondering if anyone is getting it cheaper? Let me know if you know I can get a btter deal.

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