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Discussion in 'Network: South' started by TurfGuyTX, Mar 18, 2003.

  1. jimmyburg

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    Hey!! new to the website and want to get my name out there if anyone needs a backflow tester. We are also a Irrigation company as well.
    our website is bbbackflow.com
    and we are a 24 hour service.
  2. shortgut

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    < I am noticing a ton of business cards from guys with no real business name, just their personal name. All are hispanic. I have a feeling these guys are pricing their mowing services really low>.

    Nothing wrong with name only or is there? that is what we use makes it really easy but under that my wife come up with this also ,MOWING BY ANDREA & TONY
    as far as low bids I am going up $5.00 per cut this year joust to cover gas cost do not know how anybody can cut a yard for less that 35.00 nowdays I filled up my Scag saber tooth Fri and it was $2.159 per gal OUCH!!!!!! and it is going up called my local fuel dist to see what farm diesel was costing he said that on 300 gals and up it was $1.759 per gal anything under 300 gals was $0.04 .more per gal going to be interesting to see what people will do this season really think that we will see $2.75 to $3.00 per gallon this summer on gas and I am not in metro area I am in North East Texas area just North of Longview Have a great day and enjoy the quiet before the storm Tony J
  3. 24ON48OFF

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    anyone want to do a pavestone patio for one of my customers in N Ft Worth?
  4. Toy2

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    24 did you ever mow your 1 acre with the 21? How did it turn out, how did you do on time?
  5. 24ON48OFF

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    I used the guys john deere and he wanted it all bagged took about 3 1/2 hours after I toted all those bags to the street. Now that I have the account I am looking for a good sized walk behind.
  6. Lance L

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    wow i havent been on this site and a while and checked on this thread started from page one made it to 26 and decided to see what i was getting into good thing i checked would of had another 20 pages to read, so how is everyone doing so far this year? im steady at 50 customers no flyers in the past few years for me, decided to hang low relax and get my bills paid off, plannin on a izusu npr box truck later in the season, next year get back into it big time, in desoto area south dallas didnt know if anyone on here is around that area.
  7. dfwmowingman

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    I too am in the same areas as longjohn. There is a lotta grass to mow. Plenty of grass, quality customers are my target but yes, it is important to be able to route effectively. I wouldnt have any problems with redirecting calls that are out of my area. I get calls for south Fort Worth and some areas I have seen you guys from here. I would like to have folks to refer to. I would much rather benefit folks I know.

    Mike, or

    Genesis Lawnscapes
  8. dfwmowingman

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    We are mowing neighbors it looks like. Good luck with your search for new customers. I cover most of the Northeast Tarrant County area.

    Btw, can anyone tell me when you really need to start charging sales tax ? And when you really need a sales tax id ?

    dfwmowing man :cool2:
  9. ProTurf Landscapes

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    The law states that "mowing lawns" is a sales tax item so you should be charging sales tax any time you mow a lawn.
  10. dfwmowingman

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    I know Paul of Reed Distributing and he's been in the biz a long time. He does an astounding amount of business. As for the guy peering in the window...I dont think so Paul runs a pretty tight ship and he wont put up with that stuff.....They hate to see him coming when someone's done something wrong....most of his guys have been around for a long time and the word gets around the network of guys he uses to do his flyers refers to as "walkers". However, he is too expensive for me to use. Flyers are a tricky thing for responses ...it's best to keep it bold and simple.....too much information gets it thrown in the trash ...be clear......and offer something no one else offers at that time...set yourself apart .......the ! you will get phone calls from your flyers ! Sometime you can find a busines to CO-hang with you, small business, cleaners, or mom and pop bizzness... .....then it cuts the price to .05 cents a piece when two ads are going on the door on one sheet. It's pretty easy to find some guys hanging out downtown on early saturday morning who have distributed flyers before. Get some bags pick a couple up they can average 800-900 flyers a day each you usually have to buy them lunch as well as pay them each day and make copies of your map page and drive the route monitoring them...but I have done it and it saves money ...besides you are already in the area when the customers begin to call...hope this helps

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