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Discussion in 'Network: South' started by TurfGuyTX, Mar 18, 2003.

  1. JasonX

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    mowinforalivin, I think who you are looking for is z_clark. Hopefully he will see your post. Otherwise send him a PM.
  2. z_clark

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    It was us that have not received our H2B visas. I am not going to call the company out that is still working on it for me...YET. It seems they are doing all they can, and have been in contact with me every step of the way. The supposed hang up now is red tape on the Mexico side.

    I will report back.

    For now, we have struggled to find reliable / legal people. Despite our large growth this year, this has limited it.
  3. Brayzon Landscaping

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    Anyone wanting to sell out in Arlington?
  4. firefightergw

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    Got a call yesterday for a lady that wants weekly lawn service for a property that she has in The Colony. I don't service that area. If any of you do, feel free to call me at 469-450-9060 and I will give you the lady's name and number. I told her I would have someone call her. First come first serve. Only one of you gets the number.
  5. Brayzon Landscaping

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    Still looking to buy accounts! In Arlington.
  6. TikiLawn

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    I run a small LCO in McKinney. I have a client who wants to have a backyard weeded, tilled, leveled, and re-sodded. Client says lot is approx 7500 sq ft. For those who have confident sodding resources, what would you charge me to sub out a job like this? I would like to invoice the client for the job and pay the sub directly myself, basically like a GC. Home location is in the area of Hedgecox and Alma.

    Any rough quotes or ideas out there? Anyone want to work a deal with me?


    Tiki Lawn & Landscape
    McKinney, TX
  7. jmh72

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    I have a few accounts near Prosper I service that I might be interested in letting go of due to the fact that I am doing less maintenance and more installs. And it is just a little far for me. There a 4 homes (1-2 acres landscaped) and a small HOA area. I also do a few others in the neighberhood when needed. These are all in the same neighberhood. If anyone is interested, send me an email to mark@hufflandscape.com
  8. Dallas Turf

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    I have a 79 f100 for sale 351, auto with cold a/c, 120k mi $1650 obo. I bought it for my guys as they were trying to get their h2b's and did not get them and I could use the $.

    Have a great Memorial Day weekend.:usflag: :usflag: :usflag: :drinkup:
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    We charge .50 per ft2 Bermuda .59/ft2 St Augustine and .89/ft2 Emerald Zoysia to lay sod and 8cents for bed prep if needed. Also $80 per yard of dirt if some needs to be delivered. Add $65 delivery for the sod and $100 for haul off if she doesn't want 30 bags of debris left for the garbage man. Also tell her it would be best to have the lawn killed <Round up> for $50per application. recommend two applications at least. May not be necessary if the lawn is very shady and we are going from bermuda to St Augustine
    If you still have the job on your books give me a call and I will work through you to complete it. Tanner
    214 317 8301

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    If you have bought/sold accounts, I need some information:

    How do you figure what is a fair price for an account?

    If I am selling accounts, what can I expect as a reasonable selling price for an average size lawn?


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