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Discussion in 'Network: South' started by TurfGuyTX, Mar 18, 2003.

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    Dependent upon the structure of your agreement with the customer, and how your business is financially modeled, anything less than 60% of your gross is not worth looking at.
    Factor in equipment equity, location of accounts, serviceability and additional equity in the business - all comprises the amount to construct a sale price.
    I would hesitate to deal with a person recommending only 10% of the accounts are applicable as most customers - once a buy out is announced - will stay with a new service provider as long as a transition period is announced.
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    The were wanting to sell accounts, they wern't looking to sell a complete company with 300-500 accounts, large scale name recognition, and a trained front and back office, turnkey package.

    Any more than 10% and I could pick up that number of customers for that many dollars with a good flyer campaign, they could probably be had for even less. (cost of advertizing to pick up 70 customers would probably be less than paying 10% of receipts for the rest of the season.) But, if they fit nicely on someone's route, and are bid profitably, they might be worth the 10%
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    I would be interested in the accounts too.


  4. Dallas Turf

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    Is anyone looking to sell accounts in Allen or Mckinney?
  5. Lance L

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  6. Brayzon Landscaping

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    Looking to buy accounts in Arlington or Mansfield. Please contact me if you are wanting to sell. I am looking to buy from 10 to 50 accounts.
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    I have a commercial customer of mine that has another location (car dealership) in Arlington. It is too far off my route for me to do it (work in Dallas). Would anyone be interested. I have not seen it, but I figure if its anything like my other dealership it is a small property. Call me if intersted,
    Lonestar Outdoor Services
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    Hey Brayzon, u have a phone number? or anyone interested in an Arlington Acct?
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    Am a landscaper in Dallas, Texas looking for info. on warehouses in East Dallas, Garland, or Mesquite/Sunnyvale areas.......900-1200 square feet (I'm a small operation)........been doing lawn maintenance & landscaping quite a while but need to move to decent warehouse space soon.......any local LCOs w/a line to good lawn care/landscaper warehouse space in these areas would be greatly appreciated!!!....this site has been helpful so far for me.
    Thanks in advance!
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    1 small postage stamp yard @ Renner and Bush. Too far for me. Easy mow and occasional shrubs.


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