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Discussion in 'Network: South' started by TurfGuyTX, Mar 18, 2003.

  1. Hodge

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    I have a customer who has an outstanding balance of 450, I have "requested" payment 2 times and to which she responds "I will get to paying you when I can".

    Do any of you use a collection agency or place a lean on their home.. and is it work the hassel and how would I go about it. The only other option is to remove the plants and landscape...:confused:
  2. Meier

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    As for the $450, I'd say get an attorney if your contract stipulated that the customer would pay the collection costs. Or just learn from the mistake. How much did you get down?

    I am having the same problem too. I've got one customer I sent a bill to back on the 25th of April. It's due on Saturday, May 25th. (I know...30 days is too long.) Most of my customers are paying on time, but I've got 2 that aren't paying.

    I earlier posted a question on Lawn Site asking about credit card billing, just to ensure I get paid on all the work I do. The response I got from the Lawn Site users was that they collected way over 97% and it would be foolish to give up 3% of all revenues over credit cards.

    Well, now I'm starting to think they're crazy. Perhaps if I stick with the 'do the work and just hope they pay the bill' approach eventually I'll weed out the bad customers and be left with nothing but good paying customers. The problem with that theory is I'm losing several customers who are paying on time because they're selling their homes. I think you'll always have a certain level of churn in the business for whatever reason. And everytime I take on a new customer I don't want to be asking myself "I wonder if this guy will pay?"

    Long and short of all this, I think I'm going to start asking for a credit card number I can keep on file and bill my charges to once a month. If they balk at that, then I won't work for them. The credit cards provide them with fraud protection. If they intend to pay, this shouldn't be an issue. If they don't have a visa check card or a credit card, then why the hell would I want to extend credit to them?

    My two cents.
    DFW, TX
  3. TurfGuyTX

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    Hey guys, I want all of us to do well. Though maintenance is what most of you offer, we could help you with landscape(hard and soft), irrigation and drainage. We service parts of Fort Worth, Benbrook, Arlington, HEB, Grapevine, Colleyville, Southlake and Keller. Let me know if we can help you and maybe make you a little money too.
  4. Hodge

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    How about anybody interested in doing some hardscape in South Dallas Area... way too far for me esp due to only one job and nobody inbetween point A and point B....

    9951 Mountain Bend Circle... contact me for a phone number as this is a rental property....:cool:
  5. actionpike

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    Does anyone know if there is a labor camp anywhere close to Mesquite??? I just got rid of the guy that was helping me and I need someone by next week. What are the pros and cons with using a guy from a labor camp. I am just looking for a good worker that can handle the equipment. What do ya pay the helpers that you have?

    I appreciate any help.


    Brian K
  6. Redwagon

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    I live in the Tomball/Spring area, have about 4 customers and looking to expand to about 20 customers. If anyone has any leads/extra jobs, please let me know....... have handed out about 1500 flyers with little success, had a spanish crew take mine down as I was leaving the subdivision. go figure......

    M.T.D.'s Lawns and More
    (American owned and Operated)
  7. outrunjason

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    There is a labor camp in Garland at Kingsley and Garland rd. I am not sure if mesquite has one or not. Just go up there and usually those guys know how to run the equipment. I pay my guy about 8 or 9 an hour. Sometimes I pay him for 8 hours wether we worked that long or not just so I know he will work next time.

    Good Luck, Jason
  8. Meier

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    I have been interviewing those guys in the labor camps. I have them at least show me that they can start and run the line trimmer before they go with me. Some don't know how to do anything.

    In terms of a percentage of revenue, what percentage are you paying to a laboror of gross receipts?

    I paid about 17% yesterday. We originally agreed on $9/hr, though he was pressing for $10. The guy was very fast with the trimmer/edger/blower and did good work. After the fourth lawn, I told him that if we were finished by 4:00pm, I'd pay him $90. He was really motivated. We were done by 3:45. By comparison, a similar work load the week prior took 10 hours with a guy I was paying $8/hr.

    I think that if you offer them a flat rate they'll work faster. Just a theory. I'll see how it goes.

    By the way, he did mention that he worked for Trugreen/Chemlawn for three years at $5.50/hr. I was really surprised they were paying people that little. He wasn't a crew leader, though.

    DFW, TX
  9. outrunjason

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    I am really not sure on the gross reciepts part. But basicly if we have about 16 to 18 lawns I pay my guy 8 an hour and we work about 8 to 9 hours. So for that day he would make about 75 to 80. Oh yeah, lets say he worked 8 hours and that would be $64 I would give him $70. If I kinda give him a few dollars extra.

    Ok so now we had 18 lawns. Totaling $600 - 85 for employee leaves me 515 for the day.

    There are other days that don't pay anything like that. Like today. We worked 9 hours and only $390 worth of work. I only made like $300.

    I think that is kinda what you were asking for. I guess you could figure up the percentages on that. I don't even know how to do percentages :p

  10. blafleur

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    If you interested in doing percentages, just divide your net by the total gross, or as simpletons like me remember it, divide the big number by the small number.

    I think paying a percentage is a fair and win-win for owner and employee, once you figure out a fair percentage. It is incentive for you to get them more work, and incentive for them to do more faster. The only drawback is you have to really watch for quality drop if they get too fast and sloppy.


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