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    Well, I posted a thread about a wekk or 2 ago asking what this grass was. I was told Dallis grass by a few. I was thinking creeping Signalgrass. I assume the other posters are right that is it Dallis. Well, I had sprayed all my accounts with Q4 before I knew what it was. The Q4 label does list Dallis but indictaes that it MAY need to be reapplied. Well, looking at this stuff the whole "MAY" is out the window with me. Im not wasting my money. The Q4 HARDLY even did anything. A slight purple after 9 days and that's it.

    I am going to have to go back in August in preperation for aerating/over seeding and kill this stuff. I'm angry at how little the Q4 did. If in fact it is labled for Dallis and a second app MAY be needed, don't you think more damage should have been done?

    What would be something to use to knock this out? Wish I could still use MSMA. Here are some pics after being sprayed 9 days ago with Q4 plus at 3oz/gal with surfactant at 1oz per 3 gal.

    The first 2 pics are of the grass after being sprayed at the above rates. The other pics are up close views just to see if its anything besides Dallis.





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  3. ron mexico75

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    Come on, anyone else?
  4. ron mexico75

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    I guess anyone with answers is out spraying yards right now huh?
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    I agree with what you've posted and thanks for the link. All varieties of paspalums are going to be difficult if not impossible to control in the future without MSMA. I suppose when/if the golf industry bitches loud enough that they can't control Dallisgrass and other Paspalums without MSMA, we might get lucky and get MSMA back as an RUP. Money talks, BS walks. The lawncare industry doesn't pull enough weight with the "powers that be". I experimented with Tenacity+ Metribuzin. The Dallisgrass laughed at me. I will be experimenting with other products plus Tenacity in the future. However, I will not be spending large sums of money on products that ultimately do not work even though the label says they will with "repeat apps where necessary". I will be using Glyphosate.

    I hate to break the bad news to you RonMexico but battbrad is correct about the diagnosis and the lack of available "cures". Good Luck
  6. ron mexico75

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    Unreal, 2013 and no scientists have teamed up with any companies to have a product to control this crap. Especially since MSMA has been banned. I don't get it.

    So, since I have this one customers yard that I took over just this spring who used to have tru green, should I hit it all with gly in late August? Homeowner said he has had it in this sea every year and it keeps getting bigger.
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    Two things:

    1. Its not dallisgrass in the pics.
    2. q4 plus is not labeled for dallisgrass nor is anything else going to kill dallisgrass.
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    You're right it's not labeled for it. I thought it was creeping signal grass after I sprayed it and the q4 label does have that listed. I then was told it was dallisgrass in another thread I posted here. Some pics I found look very similar to creeping signal grass.


    So 1, what is it?

    2, is spraying it with gly in late August and treating the area as a renovation really the only way?
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  9. ted putnam

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    He's right. It isn't Dallisgrass. It is thin paspalum. Dallisgrass is a member of the paspalum family so it might as well be Dallisgrass.

    He's also right that there is nothing labeled for "control" of Dallisgrass but there are several products labeled for "suppression". Most are not safe to use in Fescue though. Go to the link and read the article. It may give you some ideas. Your only choice other than wicking it with glyphosate would be to kill the area and reseed, dig it up by hand or be satisfied with suppression only...
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    At least try to up the amount of Non-ionic surfactant. I would go with at least one-half percent...about 2 ounces per 3 gallons. Better still, one percent --about 4 ounces per 3 gallons.

    Take their suggestion and go with two apps, (maybe three).
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