Dallisgrass! Help!

Mark Hamill

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North Carolina
Roundup leaves you with a plate sized dead spot for the majority of the season. Even on quickly growing Bermuda. Especially zoysia, heck possibly 2 seasons for some zoysia to recover. This doesn't. Recovery in about a month or two. Digging up is absolutely an option as was mentioned. If you've got 20 or so clumps spread over a lawn the fert is a whole lot quicker IMO and in my experience. I still do both and if I see a single clump or two sure I'll just dig it out real quick. Just alternative ways depending on the situation.
Sound like a nice trick kemco. Have a lot of problems with Dallas grass here in North Carolina especially on yards that are only cut bi weekly where they're allowed to reseed. I also carry a wick stick with Roundup in it and hit the tops of the Dallas grass.


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Bought me a wick stick from Grainger's (I think) handful of years ago. Bought it for glyphosate in landscaping beds. Used it once. I just didn't like it. Kinda odd and bulky. But I can see the use for it in some situations. Since then I'm just careful with spray. Adjust nozzle as needed for different conditions.

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