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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by august, Dec 23, 2010.

  1. august

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    I'm in the South East and of course dallisgrass is a beast.

    There are no LCO's around here that offer a dallisgrass treatment as part of their normal lawn apps. It's just too random for a general customer. Some properties have none, some a little and some a lot.

    MSMA is off the market for reasons I disagree with except in sandy soils.

    Glyphosate is really the only alternative that I know of. Spray dallisgrass in early fall, make a dead place in a lawn and come back and re-seed. Done deal.

    How do you, the Pro, explain to Joe Blow customer that they have an invasive grassy type weed that to them is "Just a weed in the lawn and you or so & so LCO told me you were going to get the weeds out of my lawn."

    We've picked up a fair amount of lawn app customers that ditched the current provider because they couldn't or didn't know how to get rid of dallisgrass. Or in the customer's mind, "the weeds".

    Your thoughts?
  2. ted putnam

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    Yea...what type turf do you treat???
  3. ted putnam

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    It looks like Cool Season turf from seeing your other thread. I was going to suggest a combination of celsius/revolver but both of these are lethal to fescue, rye etc... You'll have your work cut out for you in cool season turf.
  4. august

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    I'm dealing with fescue lawns. Or fescue lawns that have unwanted bermuda grass. :dizzy:

    This leads to up sells for aeration customers.

    If you educate the customer on what they have (if they want to listen, some don't) then you can increase your sales and improve the look of the lawn long term.

    And speaking of bermuda grass, same thing but much more drastic and costly procedure. Can you truly get it all out of large patches? My answer is mostly.

    Stupid bermuda in fescue.
  5. grass4gas

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    You can still by MSMA through the end of this year, as long as the label states for residential turf. Once you have it you can use it until it is gone.

    I bought 15 gallons in the summer...it will last me forever. I wanted to make sure I had enough in case they don't come up with a new product to selectively control dallisgrass.
  6. LibertyFarmLandscaping

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    Same here. I bought 50 gals. Should last a long time.
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