Damage done to lawns by fertilizing in the summer heat July and August?

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by Exact Rototilling, Sep 10, 2011.

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    Several of my customers have those other Big Co. put down fert on a regular basis. This results in overgrowth but they are happy with a green lawn in the summer months but I'm not happy about having to bag or triple cut mulch if I don't bag.

    Where can I find and gather the info to educate my customers?

    I know the Turfgrass extensions are promoting fall and winterizer application of nitrogen providing 70% of the nitrogen for the entire growing season, but I have not seen anything published about damage done by summer fertilization.
  2. Dr.NewEarth

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    I searched : "summer fertilizer damage", and found some stuff.

    I hope you can convince your clients to hire you for their full lawn maintenance requirements. After all, you are the one monitoring it weekly.

    Those big "fert. and fly" companies don't care that you have issues. They just want to make the thing look green and get out of there quick. Maximize their profit, while you have to work harder.

    How about making a flyer and telling all of your clients that you offer fertilizing and list other services. I suggested this to some-one else today. Keep sending out the flyer with your invoices all year long. Post it on telephone poles where people wait for the bus or pick up their mail. Eventually some-one will remember that they saw you offering other services and you'll pick up the gigs.

    It helps to be licensed and certified in the different areas of landscaping and tree care and also a member of your local landscape association. You can also look into PLANET www.landcarenetwork.org

    We have to educate our clients, so we also need to be educated and sell sell sell. Otherwise we can get stuck in a rut. Some people (clients) need to develop more respect and appreciation of what we do for a living. Educating and advertising can only help.
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    application and maintenance is where it's at, profit wise that is
  4. Smallaxe

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    What kind of "damage" are you refering to? It is not N burn if you're getting so much growth that bagging is required...

    There is a lot of education that LCOs should have, let alone the clients, but if your nice green lawn is producing truckloads of clippings that is a good thing, to the h.o., so what's your problem?

    "The 'big boys' know what they're doing and I like the results"... sound familiar? :)

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