damage due to chinch bugs, what to do?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by BDC, Mar 22, 2006.

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    I need to renovate a lawn that is about 1500 sf, and supposedly was damaged by cinch bugs. Really sparse grass, weeds, and generally not well cared for. My first inclination was to harley rake grade and hydroseed with a rye/fescue mix. Now I am thinking maybe roundup and aerate 4 times , seed and topdress with a light topsoil and compost mix. I am worried about these bugs coming back. I am strictly in the renovation aspect in this job, but I dont want to waste my time or the owners time and money. Any suggestions?
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    I would go with your roundup aeration method. Mow off as much leaf matter as possible first. Have the customer hire a licensed applicator to do insecticide treatments. Make sure your seed is endophyte enhanced. Surface feeding insects won't feed on this type of grass. A good landscape supply store should have this information (not Home Depot or Lowes). Chinch bugs usually aren't a problem during wet years because there is a fungus (Beauvaria) which kills the chinch bugs.
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    i agree with psu on the seed and a fert guy. aeration is what i would do 4 is fine another pass or 2 might give you a little better results with out top dressing. seed on the mix i would just go with straight tall fescue.

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