Damage on aluminum siding. Was it me?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by rippinryno, Sep 10, 2019.

  1. rippinryno

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    Good customer so far. She texted about 2 hours after service and sent the photos. I told her i want to come look and see what we can do. I mentioned that this seems strange placement for damage caused by me. The long scratch with the 2 gouges is behind an ac unit, nowhere that i could get equipment. The other ones are over pavement. Nothing looks like a trimmer or mower hit it and i am 90% certain i could not have done this. I want to make it right regardless, which means i could take a hit. Any tips? Does this look like a 32 stander or a trimmer did this? Ive yet to file a claim or cause damage in my time doing this....6 years solo. I tend to be careful, and would notice if i hit something to cause this. The only racket you might hear from me is the trimmer hitting a downspout.....we all do that.



  2. kemco

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    This is imo a BS "claim" to try to get u to pay for something I can dang near guarantee she knows you didn't do. I'd stick to my guns the bottom pick looks like a pipe hit the top, to make a semi circle cut and dent... U got anything that would do that at that height? Bottom of same pick looks very similar. And just as u said one is over concrete where we wouldn't be running anything. You'd have to hit these areas pretty hard to leave those dents. I've got a little of this type of siding on a side of my house.

    My guess and it's a complete guess, to have those runs of siding matched, installed and painted you'd be looking at $700 to $1000.
    Is the client worth that? I wouldn't take the hit on my insurance for sure as it would cost you much more in the long run.

    I've run into this type of customer before. Nice as can be. Then after the second cut, "well you scraped the paint off the side of my shed so you need to repaint the whole thing. Or I had one where I saw a spider cracked window when I first got on the lawn. Lo and behold they tried to blame me. Heck to the no.
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  3. paulsgrass

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    Looks like minimal damage and they want you to fix their junker.
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  4. That Guy Gary

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    How many grandchildren does she have?

    The place I bought almost 2 years ago has aluminum siding, it's so damn fragile. All trashed after a few decades, that could be storm damage.
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  5. Mumblingboutmowers

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    It doesn't look like you caused the damage here, at least to me. It doesn't make sense because you probably were not in these areas. And if you would've hit it, I think you would've heard it since it would've made noise. Even if you would've thrown something out of the mower deck you most likely would've heard it, but I don't think that is the case. While kicking something out from the deck could cause holes in the siding it wouldn't have caused the grooved gouge. Go over and meet with the customer and take your machine and see if anything lines up with the damage or if you can even get your machine to those areas.
  6. MowDaddy

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    If you were on a sit down ztr yes.
    Tail swing could do that.
    But a stander no way.
    Unless you rammed head-on on did a hard right turn.
    And you would definitely notice that.

    I wouldn't take responsibility or fix damage. Also check with her if any other services, or hubby, boy friend, kids etc. Were in yard. Atv, go cart, etc.
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  7. Keith4216

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    Can't tell from pics but is the damage painted over like the conduit? I don't believe you did it especially over the concrete.
  8. That Guy Gary

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    My nephew put a hole in my winny brave with a damn ATV. :realmad:
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  9. Mudly

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    In her shoes she’s blaming you because there is grass plastered all over the house.
  10. hal

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    No tire marks, no paint trade, why does she think you did it? Also were you on the mower, do you have helpers?

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