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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by C4chris70, Jul 6, 2008.

  1. C4chris70

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    My employee sliced a hole in a childrens swimming pool with the string trimmer at a small apartment complex we mow during our last visit. I promptly went to the owners unit and left my business card, told her what had happened, and said to send my the reciept and I would cover the cost. Am I crazy? I feel it was the right thing to do, however my friends and business associates said they would not have offered to replace the item. What would you have done?
  2. phlandscaping

    phlandscaping LawnSite Member
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    I would offer to fix it, but now they are going to fix it themselves and send you a receipt for a $50 pool.
  3. shane mapes

    shane mapes LawnSite Senior Member
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    i feel you as a bus. owner and a professional , did the right thing. hopefully they won;t take advantage of you . but you did right in my op-ion.
  4. Daily Lawn/Landscape

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    You should replace it with the exact same thing. They will get a bigger pool if they go get it. If I damage anything on any properties I get the replacement myself, that way there is no chance of them getting more than what was damaged.
  5. nosparkplugs

    nosparkplugs LawnSite Gold Member
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    Good job, I don't worry about what others "would have done" or "what a friend thinks". you went with your "gut" :clapping:. "What comes around"? "goes around" never leave something unresolved when possible
  6. MowHouston

    MowHouston LawnSite Bronze Member
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    You did the right thing man. Karma will look after you.
  7. mattfromNY

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    One more vote you did the right thing. If nothing else, think about the kids that get a few more days of enjoyment out of the pool, I know my kids would be devastated if they lost their 'kiddie pool'. Think long term, not just 'I saved a buck today'.
  8. dfor

    dfor LawnSite Senior Member
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    Again, you did the right thing. It's not like it was a malfunctioning sprinkler head that could not be seen.
  9. LushGreenLawn

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    You did the right thing by replacing the pool, I backed into a charcoal grill one time, and told the homeowner to let me know what his replacement cost, and I could credit his next invoice. If I was Leary about the integrity of the customer I would have checked the price myself, but so far I would trust all of my customers to be honest.

    Anyway, he told me it was his fault for leaving it where it was, and would not let me pay for it (Damage was very little).

    BTW, I have a policy about kiddie/big blue vinyl pools....I do not trim around them.
  10. freshprince94

    freshprince94 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I would have done the same.

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