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damaged junipers


LawnSite Senior Member
I have a customer with approximately 20 junipers (sea green) in their landscape. The plants are about 10 years old, 3'-4' high, and around 5' in diameter. Over the winter someone decided to take a shortcut in their pickup right through the middle of a row of them. Now I'm planning on fixing this act of stupidity (sorry had to get that off my chest). The biggest plants I can find are 2 gallon, which are obviously quite small in relation to the originals. My question is about how long would it take for the new junipers to catch up, I plan on pruning the old junipers to balance out a little, but obviously this won't totally do the trick. Any input would be appreciated.


LawnSite Bronze Member
If all you can find is 2 gallon then I would suggest you find a new supplier. You should be able to easily find 4-5' Junipers...no they wont be 5' in diameter...just pack them in.