damaged lawn customer wont pay her bill

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by promower, Aug 3, 2005.

  1. promower

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    I recently took on a new account, my help said the back yard got tore up a little when he mowed this week. It was wet out, and the mower left a few turn marks (lots of manuvering, little back yard) Customer called and left message that the back yard got tore up and it will cost more money to fix then the $120.00 of mowing we did this month, she said she was cancelling and will not pay for any of the work we did. I called left message, apologized for for what happened, said she is free to cancel although we would repair any damage we caused and she would still be responsible for her bill.
    I have been unable to reach her so I went and checked out the damage. It's very minor damage, although still a valid complaint. I dont know if shes on vacation and thats why I havent heard from her or shes just trying to get out of the paying the bill. So should I just fix the lawn and send the bill, or just send the bill and note that because she will not contact us to fix any damage that we are assuming there isnt any and she should pay up. Oh and BTW it would cost $20 tops to fix what happened.
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    Take pictures NOW of any damage, and then send the bill and note that says because she will not contact us to fix any damage that we are assuming there isnt any and she should pay up. You need to mitigate the damage to collect on the bill. Besides a pic is worth a thousand words and a trip to court
  3. Limeade

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    I would call the police on you for tresspassing if you came in my backyard and worked without my permission.
  4. Mancinioldhorse

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    Just like you leaving without paying the bill in a restaurant saying the food wasn't any good...well if you left and they didn't agree to you not paying thats theft.

    Do you have a contract?..if not,try and get pictures..if no contract and no pictures you are SOL. If you have a contract..and get pics...take her to small claims court, and also bill for time loss and collection fees....some folks just get off on stiffing people...until they get taught a lesson.
  5. stumper1620

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    don't forget courts prefer 35mm, not digital, too easy to doctor up a digital. :D
  6. geogunn

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    this sentence makes no sense whatsoever. but I think the point is you are trying to make is you are saying for her not to pay the bill amounts to "theft" which is totally ludicrous.

    PROMOWER agrees he is responsible for the damage and the customer has every right to be furious at the way she has been treated by him and his representatives.

    I say the homeowner has the case to hire a professional to come in and repair the damage and send PROMOWER the bill.

  7. MarcSmith

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    You have a history, albeit short, with this customer. for you to be on the property repairing your damage is, imo, acceptable. If they called the cops on you for trespassing, i think the Officer would shake his head and walk away from the home owner. Take pics, fix the damage, take pics again resend the bill with pics of the damaged/repaired area and request full payment explain in the letter that you are more than willing to continue service for the agreed upon price but you also understand if they wish to cancel service. It could turn this negative into a positive....
  8. VanceTrendov

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    I dont know why she wont answer but i would go there, fix the problem and then send her a bill. I think calling the cops on someone that is coming to fix a problem is bull.

    Vance Trendov
  9. arborist-28

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    since it was your company that did the damage to the turf it then is your responsiblity to fix it... once the damage is fixed I would then send her another bill for the mowing ... unless she has stated that she doesn't want you to return ...c
  10. stumper1620

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    I have in my agreements that the customer is to contact me about any damage claims & I will arrange the repairs as quickly as possible.

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