Damaged Turf Tracer


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I have found an add for a used turf tracer HP with a 48" deck and Kawasaki engine. This mower was involved in a motor vehicle accident while being towed on trailer. From the pictures I have seen it is very hard to tell what kind of damage it has suffered, and it's being sold by the insurance company and the representative doesn't know enough about mowers to give me any information on it's running conditions, other than to let me know it has some muffler damage.

If I go look at this mower what are some common problems I should look for with Turf Tracers in general, as well as some tell tell signs that it suffered major damage from the accident?

What would be a good offer on this mower if the muffler is the only damaged part? What if the engine needs replacement?


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Honestly I would not give very much for it unless you can take it out and actually mow grass with it. Something could be bent/tweaked and you wont find it till you try to mow grass and see that it mows like garbage.

I had a customer bring in a damaged mower like this once. It was a Toro commercial ZTR. The insurance company wanted a quote to fix it. After looking it over a bit I just told them you would be better off replacing the mower. The frame was tweaked and who knows if an ear on the engine mounting flange or pump/motor flanges are cracked until you take them off the frame. Replacing the frame would be a ton of labor and then you need a new engine because you cant see a crack somewhere from the impact???