damn, how big are some of your local Landscape companies?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Ramairfreak98ss, Apr 11, 2008.

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    one from south jersey was at the development that were doing work in for a couple weeks. I "didnt get" the bid form even for this job, so i didnt even get a chance at it for this past year.

    The company came in, they were already there by 9am when we started.. had dozens of crew, 6+ F550 dump trucks, all but one were 2005+ model crew cabs, a skid steer loading mulch from 80 yard dumps at a time into the f550s to take around the development, talk about a lot of business.

    Looks like they got it all done in a day. At least now for next season, i know they use almost exactly 160 yards applied throughout the place :) Note to self: must add F550 dump trucks, skid steer and 30 multi nationality foreign speaking workers and 30 wheel barrows :p

    The company seriously had them walking over a half mile if not longer from one end to the other with wheelbarrows to spread the mulch, I took a picture on my phone so ill post it later. It looked like the wheelbarrow brigade going down the sidewalk to the end of the development haha.
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    its called capitalism. learn it and love it.
  3. Ramairfreak98ss

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    this was the third group, i just couldnt get over it lol. There were about 7-8 then about 6 then these 3-4

    Where theyre walking is down around to the end, around a bend, about a 1/4 mile down the next part of the development starts lol. They should log miles on their wheelbarrow odometers :weightlifter:
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    I call it foolish. Why not hire out the mulch to a mulch blowing company? I did this once for a job that required 110 yards of mulch. They had it done with 2 guys (and myself showing them where to blow it) in 4 hrs.

    Sometimes those large companies are not making money. They could be making it, but their profit is craps because of their overhead and poor management skills.

    One in Atlanta went under 2 years ago. They grossed over 30 million.....go figure!
  5. AintNoFun

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    yup they have to "feed the machine" and keep the guys busy even if it as a break even number....

  6. gutpiles

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    Is that in Burlington?
  7. Superior L & L

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    I looked into blowing mulch before. I was quoted Low thirty's per yd installed.

    Well i had four 120yd load trucks dropped at $14 per yd and two crews moving and spreading mulch.
    Even if i would have priced it so low @ $40 (witch i didn't) That still leaves $26 per yd to install. Six dudes can easily install 15 yds per hour so thats $390 per hour or $65.00 per hr per man.

    Now to me i think thats GREAT ! Not back breaking work for the guys and great dolllars per hour for me ....Why would i sub that work out ???
  8. mag360

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    That's a good way to do it if you have the manpower already but you can make more per hour without them if you let the blower do all the work.
  9. nlminc

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    That's if your guys aren't walking all over with wheel barrels and running bobcats. I bid my job at 80.00 per yard and paid the mulch blower company $28.00/yard. This was a job that spec'ed for 200 yards in the contract while I knew I could do it all in between 100-120. That's what happens when LA make up specs! I remember the shrubs where spec'ed at trimming 8 times per year! This was in New England!!! You never trim shrubs 8 times per season in NE.......maybe Florida!
  10. Ramairfreak98ss

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    Yeah, you wonder how they get to that stage and then fail? With all that labor at this job above... Figure at least 30 guys out there times $10hr... guessing, could be $7.50 in jersey could be $15.00/hr. Thats still $300.00 an hour times a 10hr day =3k in labor JUST for one day.

    Since this large company im sure has them all on the books and with benefits and healthcare.. add at least $5.00/hr to each $10/hr employee

    Now your at $4,500 in labor expense for one day, then

    1 skid steer = own and make/made payments ~$300/per day
    Two 80 yard trucks of mulch "guessing 53ft trailer x 8ft wide x 8ft tall =3,390sq ft /27 =125 cubic yards? Sounds high to me, i thought the mulch place sells 18 wheeler trailers of mulch as 80 yarders?

    Anyway, 80 yards x 2 trucks x minimum $18.00/yd = $2,880.00 for mulch
    Delivery charge/fuel surcharge =$0-$80 per truck
    Sales tax on $2,880.00 for supplies = $201.60 @7%

    Diesel fuel to drive SIX 2005+ 6.0L Ford F550 Landscape body trucks with crew and one with skid steer trailer at least 20 miles each way, driving around development with mulch in back most of the day, skid steer running all day loading tandem trailers of mulch into F550s? Even if say each of the 7 vehicles used 15 gallons the entire day thats still 105 gallons of diesel x $4.09/g = $429 in fuel

    What they did, i feel for the most part was efficient, i would love to run an operation like that, having 80 yards at a time dumped at the end of the development, skid steer loads into F550 body trucks, drives to dedicated places where its unloaded, mainly into wheelbarrows which isnt so efficient, but cheap.... I just want to know if they actually make profit by doing it.

    160 yards x $40.00 yard applied is $6,400 "very low loosing profit price"
    160 yards x $80.00 yard applied is $12,800 "high price and profitable"

    Their expenses have to be around $8,310.00 in ONE day, not even including their insurance to insure all those truck driven by 50 billion different employees, commercial NJ registrations that cost well over $450.00 per F550 truck per year. I guess if they spent 8-9k in one day and billed out almost 13k thats good? I just wouldnt feel comfortable with 30+ guys to only net a few thousand income for an entire day.

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