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    i started my first job of the year.

    The job consists of a 60 foot long 5 foot high berm

    it is up on a hill about 25 to 30 feet high

    the berm is to help with noise from a main street.

    i put small armorstone around the whole thing, there was already a wall in place with small square pieces of stone. in one section. i don't have the pictures on the computer yet of the process. i started and worked for 8 hours to get the most of the soil in place for the berm. i then had to go back another 15 hour day to place rest of the soil and then place armorstone.

    the job is looking really good, i even put in three piece of jumbo flag for stairs. the customers started to plant the berm already. got about 1/3 of it planted and i spread the mulch.

    unfortunately we had rain the day after i started so i couldn't work. then i went in the next day for 14 hours. we then had rain again the next morning and then very cold all day. so i went to the auction. on sunday i went in to spread mulch and clean the driveway of the topsoil that was left over there and spread some mulch.

    Then the ultimate weather fluxuation came in. it called for 1-3 cm of rain snow mix today, it hasn't snow much in the last 2 1/2 months like a cm here or there. but the ground was pretty much thawed. then last night they changed the weather to 15 to 25 cm of snow. WTF i thought it was just a **** up but now i woke up and then sure enough snow coming in buckets.

    So it hasn't stopped all day and it is suppose t snow allday tomorrow.

    This sucks considering i got about 2 hour of cleaning and mulching left then in may i was going back to lay the approx 2000 sq ft of sod.

    i just wish i had everything but the sod done before this happened it sucks.

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