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  1. Adam3669

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    My mom just came in (im 16) and started yelling at me about how I'm not a business owner and about how I'm trying to be somthing I'm not, and that I'm just a neighboorhood lawn boy. That makes me feel like crap, I try to do this as 'professionally' as possibly and personally, I view myself just as professional as the 30 year old guy thats been doing it for 10 years. It just sucks when you don't have any support from your family to do this.

    Sorry, Just had to vent a little.
  2. HK45Mark23

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    Jesus said that “A profit is not known in his own country.”

    The longer you perform professionally, seek to be professional and educate your self in all aspects of business as well as turf management the better off you will be. In time you will be considered to be a professional by many. But in reality many famous people have ben successful in the worlds eyes and very profitable and yet never obtained their parents favor.

    Just stick to your plan, and be flexible enough to take criticism and move on.
  3. EPIC

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    i never was thought to make anyting of myslef by friends or family just a party kid. when my mother passed last year i changed my life a have a good lawn company am about to get married and adopted to little girls which i raise and am told i am a very good father. friends that knew me my whole lifenever thought i would do nething with my self. it was all the " ur just talking shyt" or " ull never do anying" or just work at mc donalds" and all that crap that made me more determend to prove them wrong. most people from my experince and i am only 25 by the way is that anyone who said that to me where really made cause the didnt make something of themselves. i dont have as many friends not . most of them are always like he thinks he is better than us now " and you know what i do think that. so why they are 28 living with mommy i am a man and they are a boy nuf said lol
  4. Scotts' Yard Care

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    Jesus said" A prophet is not without honor save in his own country" But your version is probably closer to the truth for most of us:laugh:
  5. rfed32

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    dude dotn worry about it....everyone was like that...now my parents want me to do everything mulch cut plow u name it....only one of my gf's beleived in me and i wish i would have stayed with her...i am the same way, all u have to do is show them that u truely care about what u do and they will come around...even if its not gettin sleep between school working homework and billing...show them u bust ur assssssss ok....good luck with them it will prob get worse b4 it gets better....i have been kciked out and they let me back all u have to do is show them how profes. u are
  6. StBalor

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    Wait till you start hearing, "when are you gonna get a real job"
    I make as much yearly as these people but only have to work 8-9 months for it.
  7. Splicer

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    Why would Mom just start screaming at you? You acting too big for your britches? Just trying to see things your way but let me tell you something and it would be wise for you to remember: There are 3 sides to every story; Yours, Theirs and The Truth...
  8. Splicer

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    Nobody is going to say that as long as you have your bills paid. This is a honest living. At least you aren't out buying crack and getting popped...:usflag:
  9. stroker51

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    Hey man, don't let anyone, and i mean anyone discourage you. I have been lucky to have the support of my family from the git go, but I have seen how it is to not have it. Prove yourself yes, but don't work your entire life just to prove to your mother that you are running a business or can be a success or whatever. My Grandad did this, he always felt that he had to prove somthing to his Dad. He built Swimming Pools in the Kansas City area, as well as most other parts of Kansas for 30 years,always trying to prove somthing, and sacrificed a lot of important things for it, such as family. My mom and her brother and sister didnt have much of a father figure for the early part of their lives. He came around to seeing the important things in life when us Grandkids started to come around, and was a big part of my life until he died in 2000. I guess my point is this, and we are both young so working a lot isnt so much of a problem, but don't work so much to prove somthing to someone that you get to the point that all you see is Financial and business success. My Grandad was VERY good at what he did, but at what cost did he gain this reputation? It could have been done without sacrificing as much. Sorry to ramble, this just brought back some memories/thoughts. Don't listen to the naysayers, keep on doing your thing and you will do fine.
  10. Adam3669

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    thanks guys, really needed to hear that.

    stroker did your granddad build any pools in the johnson county area?

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