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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Eden's Gardener, Jun 14, 2007.

  1. Eden's Gardener

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    *trucewhiteflag* I give up. OK guys - show me what you got. I was riding along yesterday on my TSC special, when suddenly those 2 bricks I keep forgetting about jumped out of nowhere in the high grass and ended up under my mower. Naturally the blade stopped, the spring to the belt sprung and all was not well. But, I did manage to figure out the belt spring's location and the blade was intact. However, it did kill the engine when it happened, but now the dern thing won't restart. What gives? I asked my brother - the brilliant plumber he is - and he just replied, You broke it. Thanks bro.

    Really - is there a fuse or something I may have burnt out? Please advise. Thanks guys!

    It is a riding mower, and if you need all the model no.'s, etc. I can do that. I'm hoping it is an easy question though - I surely am not the only one who's ever run over a rock.
  2. drelgan

    drelgan LawnSite Member
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    Maybe the keyway was sheared on the motor shaft and it is out of time?
  3. lawnmaniac883

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    Ok, does the engine turn over and not start or do nothing when you turn the key? If it turns over and doesnt start then you may have sheared the flywheel key...also make sure that the parking brake is applied and all of the safety switches are happy. Happened to me one time and I was freaking out because nothing would happen when I turned the key...finally realized the parking brake wasn't on. Just hope you didnt throw a rod or something really bad like that.
  4. Tim Wright

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    Turn the PTO button off,

  5. Eden's Gardener

    Eden's Gardener LawnSite Member
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    OK - thank you guys for the quick replies. I'll have to ask a silly question though - what is a PTO?
    And no, Lawnmaniac, nothing happens. I'm not sure what a flywheel key is, but I sure hope it isnt' anything like that. Now I don't normally have to engage the parking break - just the foot break. Maybe I will try that for grins. Ask me a plant question, and I'm probably able to answer - don't get me to lying about mechanics though. I just wanted to finish before the rain again. That is how I got behind in the first place! Heavens I have Dalis grass a mile tall!
  6. IA_James

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    It's the dealio that turns the blades on.:)
  7. Eden's Gardener

    Eden's Gardener LawnSite Member
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    Ahhhh - you know, I knew that. I don't know what PTO stands for, but I'll be if it doesnt' say that right on the dern handle. No, I'm not blonde either. Just not real observant. I just pull the handle and the blade kicks on.

    I'll double check, but I'm pretty sure I turned that off when the rock hit.
    Thanks again guys!
  8. Eden's Gardener

    Eden's Gardener LawnSite Member
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    OK - PTO off. Even pulled on and off again to make sure it wasn't jammed. When it is off, the belt/blades are loose of course. When engaged, and I manually move the blades, a partial turn reveals a kind of squeaking noise. It won't turn in both directions, and I'm guessing that is normal. The squeaking only lasts for about a 1/8th turn then it is nothing. Sounds like the squeak comes from under the "hood". I've got it jacked up and I'm not afraid to take it apart, but I'm not sure what I'm looking for once I do that. What or how would hitting a rock "throw a rod"? And what on earth is the flywheel key? And where do I look to see it?
  9. SLR

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    And what on earth is the flywheel key? And where do I look to see it?
    On my mower at least, the flywheel key is under the cutting
    blade(s) is & just behind the housing, after removing the bolts there.Yup mostly a $2 part.
  10. txgrassguy

    txgrassguy LawnSite Gold Member
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    Does your mower have any lights on it?
    I ask this because if the primary fuse or fusible link blew under the sudden stop you wouldn't have power to the starter.
    I am uncertain if your pto switch is electric or if it is a manual engagement.
    If it is electric, turn the key to the run - not start position - then flip the switch for the pto. If you do not hear a "click" or feel a light bumping then chances are you have an electric short.
    Worst case scenario is the ignition switch itself shorted under the load and may require replacement.
    Either way good luck.

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