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Discussion in 'Eureka Fluid Film' started by Brendan Smith, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. Brendan Smith

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    i spoke with dan yesterday, and boy is he eager to help. fluid film couldn't have a better person repping their company.
    i was telling him how i was tapping a stripped hole in an aluminum engine block, and used fluid film in leiu of tap oil. it worked great!! i didn't have to keep applying it like tap oil due to it's superior lubricating properties and thickness.
    anyway, i ended up buying a case of it for the shop and dan was very helpful in getting the account set up. i would highly recommend doing business with this company, as everyone i dealt with, from the receptionist up, was pleasant and courteous. if you don't have an account set up with them, pm dan and i'm sure he will be willing to help.
    if you are in the automotive industry, machine tool industry, or green industry, give them a call. it'll be worth your while.

    THANKS DAN:weightlifter:
  2. DBL

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    i agree dan is a good guy sent me a shirt and a free sample bottle now i just have to find someone around here that carries it my local jd doesnt
  3. Dano50

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    Thank you for the compliments. I have found some great people to deal with on this site as well (Brendan, it was a pleasure). Anything I can do to help, I will give it my all. You are all worth it. :waving:

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