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Mike Leary

LawnSite Fanatic
I just looked at your website..nice!...do you get much REAL work from it?
Also, do you still use nitrous oxide in the balloons? We used it in the sixties
& had some problems coming back to ground.
Mike Leary

Mike Leary

LawnSite Fanatic
It seemed that the little bugs were so airtite..(they floated) that you could fire
a tank off (whilst driving, of course!) inside & up you went. N20 still available
in Redi-Whip cans...Rotar..shake before using!

CAPT Stream Rotar

LawnSite Fanatic
Cape Cod, Ma
LOL...Ill put my lips right to the tank brotha!!!!!!!

Just like back on tour!!!!!

lol jk i was young n dumb those days and hate myself for doing it....
Great buzz though.
any of you guys ever see the dead?